About Us


TotalSportal is digital first sports media house with network of sites covering all major sports and competitions from different angles. Specifically at totalSPORTAL.com which was founded back in 2019, the idea was to create a portal covering sports financial topics


We hope to stay away from typical gossib/news stuff and solely focus on absolute in-depth nature of sports rapid financial growth over the last 2 decades. Most of these topics don’t usually get the mainstream attention but with rapid increase in TV rights money and other sponsorship deals, these topics must be addressed by somew platform. So we decided to use our digital first media house to research and publish financial numbers and analysis about all major sports.

Idea is the create the best sports financial analysis site/app in the world. Long way ahead, but had to start somewhere. As our team grow, we will be introducing everyone

totalSPORTAL.com will be a site where you can find indepth information & details about money aspect of all major sports. How the competition generate money and how it is distributed among participating teams or players. How a professional football contract works and why do companies pay millions to be shirt sponsors.

How much top players earn from their pro contracts with their respective teams and their sponsorship deals. What are the average wage of professional players and what do semi-pro players earn. We will cover all these topics and much more related to how sports became the biggest entertainment industry in the world.

Who writes for totalSPORTAL ?

To begin with we are only a team of three experienced sports bloggers but we will have many up and coming sports writers who will be able to write for totalSPORTAL by signing up as authers at the site.