Alica Schmidt: What Happened To “World’s Hottest Sportswoman” ?

Alica Schmidt came to fame during the European under-20 athletics competitions where she won silver in 4 × 400m relay. She was expected to join German olympics team for the 2021 Olympics. She was part of the German relay squad but did not compete at the olympics. We go through the timeline of her short career so far and how she ended up with 3m followers on Instagram.

Berlin Born & Bred:

Alica Schmidt was born in German city, Berlin on 8 November 1998. She went to Fresenius University in Berlin but what we know she did not complete graduation.

Developing interesting in athletics at the young age:

Schmidt described herself hyper active in the early years of her life. Her interest in athletics was developed at school where she regularly competed and won regional events.

First breakthrough:

In 2017 she participated in the German athletic competition where she won bronze in 4×400 relay. That was when she was just 19 year old. She represented German in European under20 and under-23 athletic games in 2019 and 2020 where she won silver and bronze in 4×400 relay.

Olympics bound ?

She was drafted in the Germany relay squad and actually traveled with the team to 2021 Tokyo Olympics. But she did not compete in any event.

Road to “World’s sexiest sportswoman”

It was during this time when she got world’s attention as one of the Australian publication put her on the cover and called her “world’s sexiest athlete”

From inspiring Olympian to Instagram Star:

From only 50k followers in 2019 she went to 250,000 in just over a month after she was termed as “sexiest athlete”. But in an interview she actually complained why she got the title of “Sexiest athlete” since she has not achieved much in sports and sports should come first then the beauty.

After the interview her Instagram had flood of new followers taking her total following to over a million in just over a day. Since then she has moved into full time modeling and fitness guru and now working as vloger on her youtube channel and producing fitness content via Instagram and other social media.

As we speak she has well over 2.8 million followers on her instagram account while another 100k subscribers on youtube.

Sponsorship deal with Puma:

German brand “Puma” joined the gravy train and signed up Alica Schmidt in endorsement deal. The deal was signed for the sporting reason’s but since the deal was signed Schmidt’s whole attention moved to fitness and modeling. Puma is not crying though as she has a major influence via her social media channels where what her fitness regime, diet and clothing are following by millions.

Collaboration with Borussia Dortmund:

As Schmidt’s popularity grew some of the other sport franchises in Germany started collaborating with her. One of these came with Borussia Dortmund where some of the prominent Dortmund players appeared alongside Schmidt doing her fitness routine. Videos appeared both on Dortmund’s official channels and on her own YouTube channel.

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