Top 10 All Time Greatest Goalkeepers In Football History

Football history is filled with Lgenedery Goalkeeper careers. However, among those goalkeepers, who are the All Time Greatest Goakeeprs In Football?

To answer this question, a list is made that concludes the top 10 All Time Greatest Goalkeepers, based on the mentioned criteria:

  • IFFHS’s World Best Goalkeeper
  • UEFA club goalkeeper of the year
  • Best Ranking of Goalkeeper in Ballon d’Or – European Goalkeeper of The Year
  • Yashin Awards The Best Goalkeeper Of FIFA World Cup Tournament
  • The Best Goalkeeper in European Championship Tournament

Based on the above criteria, Take a look at the top 10 all time greatest goalkeepers in Football history

#10. Edwin Van Der Saar

Edwin Van Der won 4 premier league and 1 champions league title with Ajax (95′) and Manchester United in 2008.

Sir Alex once revealed he regretted not signing Van Der Saar earlier in his career. Internationally he was not as successful but still a very calm presence to say the least.

You can read his biography and short career summery by clicking on the full profile button.

Premier League Goal keeper

#9. Peter Cech

Peter Cech still holds the record for most Premier League clean sheets with 202 which is a record still stands.

Probably one of the most talented keeper in the list. He was ever present in Czech Republic national team throughought his playing days and played the semifinals in 2004 Euros.

Greatest Football Goalkeeper

#8. Gordon Banks

Greatest English goalkeeper to date and only one to have win the world cup back in 1966. Gordon Banks won FIFA Goalkeeper Of The Year award on 5 separate occasions.

Famous for his incredible reflexes save against Pele in the World Cup which won him the save of the century award.

Read short summary of his career by clicking on the full profile below.

#7. Oliver Kahn

Oliver Kahn was the only goalkeeper who won FIFA Worldcup Golden Ball award back in 2002.

Commanding presence for both Germany and Bayern Munich, Kahn won multiple team and individual awards with Bayen Munich. However his international career lacked the trophies others in this list posses.

Greatest Goal Keeper Of All Times

#6. Manuel Neuer

Probably the most talented keeper in the list, Manuel Neuer has won it all both on international and club level.

He has been around the club scene since 2007 and his career really took off when he joined Bayern Munich guiding them to treble twice and winning the world cup 2014 with Germany.

Greatest Goal Keeper

#5. Peter Schmeichel

Peter Schmeichel was the First-Ever Goalkeeper To Win A Treble in 1999 with Manchester United. He also guided Denmark to their first international trophy back in 1992 winning the Euros.

Part of the huge underdog story with Denmark when they went on to win the 1992 Euros. Schmeichel continue his success with Manchester United where he won multiple league titles before capping it all off with treble in 1999.

Greatest Football Goalkeeper

#4. Iker Casillas

Modern day great, Iker Casillas has incredible career winning champions league on both ends of his tenure at Madrid. Guiding Spain to Euro and World Cup glory.

Maybe not as talented as the others on the list but achieved what others can only dream of. Part of 2008-2012 Spanish side which is widely regarded as one of the greatest football teams of all times and only team to have won three back to back international trophies.

Greatest Goal Keeper List

#3. Dino Zoff

Regarded by many the greatest goal keeper to have graced the game. Dino Zoff ended his career by guiding Italy to 1982 world cup as a captain.

Most of his career he played for Napoli and Juventus and won domestic trophies but highlight of his career was longest cleansheet record and being the oldest player to have won the world cup.

Greatest Goal Keeper Of All Times

#2. Gianluigi Buffon

One of the very rare players to have made over 1000 appearence in competitive football. Highlight of Buffon’s career came in 2006 when he guided Italy to World cup glory.

As crazy as it sounds he has been around the football scene since 1995 and just short of 30 year career in football.

Greatest Goal Keeper

#1. Lev Yashin

Only goal keeper in history of football to have won Ballon d’Or. Lev Yashin was absolute beast of a keeper in his playing days.

He was key part of dominant Soviet Union side from 1954 to 1967 which reached three world cup semifinals and won the 1956 Olympic medal and Euro Championship in 1960.

Every Player plays a vital role to win a match. However, Sometimes a single Player effort makes the team win.

It’s not like the Goalkeeper is the main player or he single Handley won matches, but if he’s good then He will make it difficult to score against him.

Above Listed players are the Greatest Goalkeepers to grace this Game


Mainly for the fact that some keeping skills and factors of football have been developing until nowadays, that’s why the majority among the top 10, came from the second half of football history.

The basic reason that boasts goalkeepers performance in later part of history was

  1. Weight of ball in current decade is a lot lower than ball of the past
  2. In middle of 90’s, a rule prohibited goalkeeper to use their hand with back passing.

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