Top Unknown Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo does not need any introduction as the Portuguese star has dominated the world with his magnificent performance. Ronaldo was born on February 5, 1985 in Madeira, a city of Portugal. He is currently the most marketable player in the world and is holding the contract with Manchester United. Moreover, he is also playing as a forward in Portugal national football team. Here we will show the details of top unknown facts about Cristiano Ronaldo.

Unknown Facts Cristiano Ronaldo

Unknown Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is not a very much mysterious character and is living a luxurious life. However, his some qualities are extremely popular among the fans. Although, they seem normal but there are some unknown facts behind them. Here we will provide you the details of those attributes and unknown reasons behind them.

Why Ronaldo Doesn’t Drink Alcohol?

The most famous thing about the United’s forward is that he does not drink alcohol or wine. Its seems normal and generally it is believed that Ronaldo hates drinking for his gameplay. Ronaldo is very much careful about his fitness and this activity is seemed to be related to his fitness. But that’s not the fact.

There is an emotional story lying behind Ronaldo’s decision which refrains him from drinking alcohol. Ronaldo’s father was an alcoholic person. He was so much addicted to alcohol that he died at the age of 52 for excess consumption of ethanol. That’s why, Ronaldo stays far away from drinks and he doesn’t even drink soft drinks like Coca Cola and other beverages.

Why Ronaldo Take Five Naps A Day?

Although it may look odd, but yeah! That’s the truth. Ronaldo takes 5 naps a day and is very careful about his sleep. He go to his bed early and sleep properly to recreate himself for the tiring exercises and other works. Before going to bed, he switched off his mobile and other electronic devices to promote melatonin for proper sleep cycle.

Why Ronaldo Eat More Protein, Fruits & Low Fat Yogurt?

Ronaldo has a very strict behavior about his diet and follow the diet routine. In his diet, he has a lot of protein food, fruits and low fat yogurt. The Portuguese star does very hard exercise for his health improvement and thus he needs a lot more amount of energy than normal. That’s why he eats more protein for his muscles building.

Fruits are a very good source of vitamins and other natural requirements. Thus, Ronaldo mostly rely on fruits instead of vitamin supplements and is improving his fitness naturally. He is also famous for the habit of having 6 meals a day.

After having such a heavy protein diet, Ronaldo takes in low fat yogurt to deal with acidity problem. Although many supplements are available but he always prefer natural way as the yogurt also kills the microbes present in food if any.

These are the complete details of some of the top unknown facts about the Portuguese star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. All the further changes in the data will be updated here. Stay tuned for more information!