Canelo Alvarez vs John Ryder Purse Payouts | How Much Money Both Boxers Earn From PPV Sales Share?

Canelo Alvarez Ryder Purse

The fight between Canelo Alvarez and John Ryder is confirmed it will take place on 6th May 2023. It’s a hometown fight for Saul Alvarez and it’s a great chance for Alvarez to continue his winning streak after suffer defeat from Dmitry Bivol. The 32 year old Alvarez is phenomenal and fight 55+ opponents since making debut. The reports regarding Canelo Alvarez John Ryder purse payouts revealed.

BoxerGuaranteed PursePPV SharesTotal Salaries | Based on PPV Sales (Estimated)
Canelo Alvarez$10m65%$33m | if ppv sales reached 500k buys
John Ryder$1m35%$3.3m | if ppv sales hike to 500k buys
How Much Canelo Alvarez Earn Per Fight Based on Contract?

Canelo Alvarez earnings increased per fight since introducing his own boxing promotional company. Canelo Promotion hold the official rights for the fight against Ryder, the event is co-promoted by (Matchroom Promotion). Canelo Alvarez will earn guaranteed purse of $10m for the fight and if the pay-per-view sales reached limit of 500k sales his earnings maximum rise to $33m. But if the ppv buys rate hike to 800k on fight day, Alvarez will earn maximum payout for the fight upto $45m. Saul Alvarez recently made big money from the triolgy fight against Gennady Golovkin.

John Ryder Earnings for the Canelo PPV Bout?

John Ryder in his previous fight earned guaranteed purse $500k, however no pay-per-view money reported or claimed by the promotions. It’s a great chance for 34 year old professional boxer from United Kingdom, to create upset in boxing claimed five titles on 6th May 2023. Based on UK and US media reports, Ryder earn $500k per fight he earned guaranteed $1m for two fights with (Zach Parker and Daniel Jacobs). This pay-per-view fight is massive he will receive a good share from ppv buys the numbers were different compare to his opponent (Canelo Alvarez). Based estimated data Ryder will earn $3.3m maximum including ppv points.

There will be more about these two boxers earnings and Canelo Alvarez John Ryder purse once the event is completed.