Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin III Purse Payouts (Finalized)

Canelo defeated Golovkin in their third fight on Saturday, 17th September and pretty much ended this incredible rivalry. The trilogy was a huge success for Canelo in terms of his legacy in the ring while outside of it was not bad either. Canelo is set to bank $65 million from this fight (including PPV share). We breakdown each fighter’s guaranteed purse and how much extra they are going to make once PPV numbers are finalized.

Canelo vs Golovkin: how much both fighters made in three fights

Canelo vs Golovkin Purse Payouts Confirmed: Both fighters purse was confirmed going into the fight weekend with Canelo guaranteed $45 million while Golovkin set to earn minimum of $20 million from this fight. However with Canelo’s tiered based DAZN contract he is set to pocket massive PPV payouts and we explain why and how.

Canelo’s Unique DAZN Deal:

Canelo signed a massive $365 million deal back in 2018 which was suppose to include 11 Canelo fights. However with pandemic issues in 2020 meant disputes between two parties and after Canelo sued Golden Boy and DAZN the matter was agreed outside of the court to terminate the contract on mutual consent. Of course Canelo got paid a one off compensation fee.

Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin 3 Purse Payouts

Canelo Alvarez$45 million$20 million$65 million
Gennady Golovkin$20 millionNONE$20 million
guaranteed purse details are confirmed while the PPV Share is more of a speculation. Neither boxing promotion not TV/Streaming companies reveal exact PPV share of boxers. However details about how many PPV are sold by the network is revealed to the media within couple of weeks after the fight.

However 2 years later Canelo and DAZN again teamed up again for 2 fight deal in 2022 where Canelo fight Dmitry Bivol and Golovkin III. DAZN had the exclusive rights to Canelo vs Golovkin III not only in the US but worldwide. Which allowed them to control the whole world TV and streaming market.

Canelo made around $15 million guaranteed from his fight against Bivol in May 2022. And DAZN promised career best payout for second fight where $45 million was guaranteed regardless how PPV numbers do worldwide. Plus share of PPV & Subscription sales. Now with PPV and Subscriptions numbers coming up NBC Sports (USA) reports Canelo is set to pocket another $20 millions from Golovkin fight taking his grand total to $65 million from this fight.

Below are the details from first two fights. Guaranteed payments are as accurate as they get while PPV share money is more speculative.

Canelo vs Golovkin 2 Purse Payouts (2018)

Canelo Alvarez$25 million$15 million$40million
Gennady Golovkin$24 million$6 million$30 million
The second fight between the two took place back in September 2018. Where Golovkin demanded a 50/50 split and his demands were meet with both fighters sharing $5 million each in guaranteed fight free as it was revealed by Navada state commission. However base fee salary its just drop in the bucket compared to the real potetial earnings of fights. That was the case as Canelo and Golovkin both were guaranteed around $25 million each plus share of PPV revenue.

Canelo vs Golovkin 1st Fight Purse Payouts

Canelo Alvarez$20 million$20 million$40 million
Gennady Golovkin$15 million$5 million$20 million
The fight fight was massive success with over 1.3 million PPV sold in the US. That resulted in massive PPV revenue share for Canelo who was the A side in first fight with 70/50 split. He was guaranteed $20 million via promotors and racked in another $20 million from PPV share. Golovkin made guaranteed $15 million plus $5 million bonuses as PPV numbers went beyond 1 million.

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