David Benavidez vs David Lemieux Purse Payouts | How Much PPV Money Share Distributed Among These On Fight Day (21 May, 2022)

David Benavidez vs David Lemieux purse payouts details revealed along with the bonuses and PPV share revenue. The fight date and venue confirmed. Both boxers will face each other on May 21. Phoenix, Arizona is the host of this bout. Both will fight for the Interim WBC 168-lb title. Moreover, the complete fight card details of Benavidez vs Lemieux fight announced.

David Benavidez Lemieux Purse

David Benavidez vs David Lemieux Purse Payouts

Showtime will stream the fight live across the globe. The purse payouts details of both boxers revealed.

Guaranteed Purse | Lemieux will pocket the guaranteed purse of $300,000 whereas, Benavidez will receive the purse of $350,000 for the fight.

PPV Share Revenue | Moreover, there is also a PPV share revenue for both boxers. Benavidez will pocket 60% PPV revenue. The remaining 40% will be the Lemieux’s PPV share revenue.

Bonuses | Benavidez and Lemieux will also pocket sponsorship bonuses as both will fight for the Interim WBC 168-lb title.

BoxersPursesPPV SharesTotal Payouts
David Benavidez$350k60%
David Lemieux$300k40%

David Benavidez

Purses | $350k
PPV Money | 
Total Payout |

The two-time WBC super middleweight champion boxed 25 fights and remained unbeaten throughout his career. He will pocket $350k for his upcoming fight against Lemieux.

David Lemieux

Purses | $300k
PPV Money | 
Total Payout |

David Lemieux, professional boxer from Canada is the former IBF middleweight champion. He will now meet Benavidez in the ring for the Interim WBC 168-lb title.

Last Fight Details | In the last fight, Lemieux dominated David Zegarra by the margin of 43–4. He remained unbeaten from his last five games. Whereas, Benavidez is looking to continue his winning momentum as he never lose a match in his career. In his last fight against Kyrone Davis, he made a brilliant showcase of his skills and won the fight.

That’s all about the purse payouts details of David Benavidez vs David Lemieux. Further details will be available here if there is any change. Stay tuned for more information as the boxing schedule for the 2022 announced.