Devin Haney vs Joseph Diaz Jr Purse Payouts (4 December 2021)

Devin Haney Diaz Jr Purse

In the first month December big boxing pay-per-views are schedule it’s confirmed that, Devin Haney and Joseph Diaz Jr both have been victorious in the previous fight. DAZN hold the official coverage rights for this. The fight is not schedule for the 2021, but after Ryan Garcia with drew from his pay-per-view fight due to injury, Joseph Diaz next opponent confirmed (Devin Haney). The 23 year old hold undefeated winning streak since making debut, Haney hopeful to retain new WBC lightweight champion. Devin Haney Joseph Diaz Jr purse payouts based on their contract deal with promotions confirmed.

Devin Haney vs Joseph Diaz Jr Purse Payouts (4 December 2021)


Guaranteed Purse

PPV Share

Total Payouts (PPV Bonus)

Devin Haney



$1.75 million

Joseph Diaz Jr



$1 million

Devin Haney : (26 Fights : 26 Wins: 15 Wins by Knockout), it’s one of the best opportunity for the Haney to show his boxing skills and looks in no mood to lose his WBC lightweight champion. The moral of American boxer improved after winning the fight from Jorge Linares defending title successfully. Devin Haney guaranteed purse for the fight reported $750,000 but it’s before pay-per-view money and international money, once the fight take place his earnings increased $1 million to $1.7 million based on pay-per-view sales. He hold pay-per-view share contract deal with promotions. Haney earned $700k for the fight against Colombian boxer (Jorge Linares).

Joseph Diaz Jr : (34 Fights: 32 Wins: 15 Knockout Wins: 1 Lost), before this fight Diaz going to face Ryan Garcia but after his injury, Garcia pulled out of the fight and the fight date may re-schedule in upcoming year. After the fight cancelled in just few days the new opponent Haney confirmed for Diaz Jr fight. Diaz Jr in his previous fight received $300k no pay-per-view share revealed. In the upcoming fight, Diaz Jr will earn guaranteed purse of $500k and if the pay-per-view sales stay strong there will be more earnings for the boxers. More details Devin Haney Joseph Diaz Jr purse updated once the fight completed.

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