How To Watch Eddie Hall vs Hafthor Bjornsson Live Stream | Free Coverage Available On Segi TV

Hall Bjornsson Live Stream

The biggest fight of the boxing world set to take place on March 19. The dates and venue of the tournament announced. Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium in UAE is the host of the fight. So, people from UAE has the best chance to watch this grand contest live in the ground as there are 5000 seats. But how to watch Eddie Hall vs Hafthor Bjornsson live stream online.

Hall vs Bjornsson Fight Preview

After 2 years of waiting, the fight is now scheduled. The fight has created its hype as the two World Strongest Man winners will meet each other this weekend. At first, the fight postponed from the last September as Hall suffered from a detached bicep. Moreover, Eddie Hall has won the World Strongest Man (WSM) in 2017 and Bjornsson has won WSM in 2018.

So, the fight is also famous as the Heaviest Fight of the Boxing world. The fight has its hype over the globe as people are eager to see these two coming in front of each other. Moreover, the tattoo challenge has made this fight more interesting as it is decided that loser will get the name tattoo of winner’s name.

How To Watch Eddie Hall vs Hafthor Bjornsson Live Stream?

The broadcasting deals are final to make the coverage of this great and interesting contest around the planet. Segi TV holds the broadcasting rights to stream the fight. Here are the complete details about it.

Segi TV

Start Time: 8:30pm GMT
PPV Price: N/A
Broadcast: Worldwide

Segi TV holds the streaming rights and you can watch the fight live online on the channel. There is no need to register the account and buy a subscription as it is providing free coverage all around the world. The coverage will start at 8:30pm GMT and the match time is 9:00pm.

Moreover, you can also watch Hall vs Bjornsson fight on the YouTube for free. Both fighters own their channels on the global video streaming network that will telecast the fight live.

So, get ready for the fight as the purse payouts revealed. Further details will be available here if there is any change.

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