Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Aaron Chalmers Purse Payouts | How Much They Will Earn from PPV Share?

Mayweather Jr Chalmers Purse

Since Floyd Mayweather Jr announced his retirement from professional boxing, he is active exhibition bouts. After defeating, Conor McGregor in his last pay-per-view boxing fight, Mayweather Jr only appears in exhibition bouts, he made debut in exhibition boxing from fight against (Nasukawa). In the upcoming week, once Mayweather Jr will be seen in action against Aaron Chalmers a British mma star. Floyd Mayweather Jr Aaron Chalmers purse payouts for the pay-per-view fight revealed.

BoxersPursePPV ShareTV MoneyTotal Payouts
Floyd Mayweather Jr$10m80%$5m$40m | based on ppv sales and tv money
Aaron Chalmers$1m20%N/A$2.5m | based estimated ppv sales
How Much Floyd Mayweather Jr Earn for Exhibition Bout?

Floyd Mayweather Jr currently earning $10m per exhibition bout further earnings he generate from the tv money, sponsorship and pay-per-view revenue. He will earn guaranteed purse $10m from the fight, his earnings increased $35m based in pay-per-view sales and tv bonus.

How Much Aaron Chalmers Earn in Exhibition Bout?

The mma fighter who is well known for his performances in Bellator back in action but this time he will be in the boxing ring alongside Mayweather Jr. He will earn estimated purse $1m and based on pay-per-view sales share his earnings will be increased maximum $2.5m.

Once the fight will be ended, complete Floyd Mayweather Jr Aaron Chalmers purse will be updated if the pay-per-view shares were reported after the fight. Mostly pay-per-view sales record reported a day after main-event. BT sports will provide coverage of the fight in UK, from preliminary to main-event (Mayweather Jr vs Chalmers).