Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Money Kicks Purse Payouts | How Much PPV Money Share For Both Boxers On 20 February 2022

Mayweather Money Kicks Purse

Floyd Mayweather Jr retired from the professional boxing, since 2017. He returned from the retirement once he gets a good ppv deal for the fight. Mayweather Jr returned to fight with (Manny Pacquiao) and Conor McGregor in past 10 years. Now day’s he is fighting exhibition fight, recently appear against Logal Paul in exhibition bout of 8 rounds which ended as draw. Floyd Mayweather Jr Money Kicks purse payouts reported.

Mayweather Money Kicks Purse

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Purse | $10m
PPV Money | $75m -$90m
Total Payout | $100m

It’s confirmed that Mayweather Jr is back in action, he will be fighting opponent from UAE “money kicks”. Mayweather hold contract where he earned guaranteed $10m a fight for exhibition.

Floyd Mayweather Jr$10m guaranteed for exhibition fights | $100m if ppv sales strong
Money Kicksnot reported | estimated $20m including ppv sales
Rashed Belhasa Boxing Career

Rashed Belhasa (Money Kick’s)

Purse | Billionaire
PPV Money | depends on ppv sales
Total Payout | not released yet

Rashed Belhasa who is well known as “money kick’s” and his cars collection now days participating extra sports like boxing.

The millionaire YouTube celebrity who hang out with Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. He is in talks with 44 year old pro boxer Mayweather Jr for an exhibition bout which looks like confirmed. Mayweather Jr who is retired in 2016, but still continue participate as pro boxer in exhibition fight return and possible to fight at the first helipad boxing ring as per sources reported.

How much Rashed Belhasa aka (Money Kick’s) will Earn for Exhibition bout?

It’s difficult to predict right no details yet released, but Mayweather Jr previous opponent brother of (Jake Paul), Logan Paul made $10 million from the fight and ppv sales revenue reported but not revealed. A source revealed that almost $25m reported ppv sales revenue for Logan Paul.

Money Kick’s Payout | He is already a millionaire, having million of fans on Instagram, but still make handsome amount of purse upto estimated $12m from the fight. It depends how much ppv sales made on fight day, if the ppv sales stay stronger on the fight night, Money Kick’s will earn estimated $30m to $35m. But these are estimated figures, accurate will be adjusted once official coverage channel reported and promoter confirmed.

However, if there any changes to Floyd Mayweather Jr Money Kicks purse details provided here, so far it’s reported fight held on 20th February at Luxury hotel.

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