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Floyd Mayweather vs Don Moore Purse Payouts | 14 May 2022

Mayweather Will Make Guaranteed Payout Upto $60m For Upcoming Global Titan PPV Event Fight With Don Moore

Floyd Mayweather Moore Purse

In the upcoming weekend, a top exhibition fight take place between undefeated Floyd Mayweather and Don Moore at Helipad Boxing Ring in UAE. In 2021, June, Mayweather accept the challenge of YouTube celebrity (boxer) Jack Paul. Their fight ended as draw, rumors that both of them will be seen in re-match soon. Don Moore not active in pro boxing since 2016. It’s a great opportunity for him to get some spotlight in exhibition boxing. Floyd Mayweather Don Moore purse payouts reported for the fight.

PPV Share Money : Floyd Mayweather Jr always hold strong ppv share deal with boxing promotion. He is one of the best paid boxers of his time. He signed top deal with Showtime promotions which brings massive money to his account after the fight upto $250m. Since It’s an exhibition fight and it will take place at Helipad, live audience is rare in numbers but tv audience will be massive based on popularity of Mayweather Jr. Based on Mayweather Jr previous deals for exhibition fight, he will earn 80% share from ppv money. Moore will received share of 20% from pay-per-view. The figures given in table were estimated, Mayweather Jr earn $75m from Jack Paul exhibition fight, mostly earnings of the boxers based ppv sales on fight day.

Fight Records : Don Moore is undefeated throughout his career. He dominate DeShaun Williams, Reymundo Hernandez and Alfredo Guarneros in past fights. On 14th May, we can see how much six years gap impact the boxing skills of Don Moore.

  • Don Moore – Total 19 Fights – 18 Wins – 1 Draw
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr – Total 50 Fights – 50 Wins – Draw N/A
Mayweather Money Kicks Purse

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Purse | $10m
PPV Share | 80%
Total Payout | $60m

BoxersPursesPPV ShareTotal Payouts
Floyd Mayweather Jr$10m$50m$60m
Don Moore$1m$5m$6m
Don Moore Career Earnings

Don Moore

Purse | $1m
PPV Share | 20%
Total Payout | $6m

Once the fight between these two take place on 14th May, 2022 at Burj Al Arab Jumeriah Hotel, Helipad. The details of the Floyd Mayweather Don Moore purse including ppv share and tv money generated provided here later. So far the numbers for total payout estimated, it’s not confirmed Mayweather Collects $60m he may earn more than that it depends on ppv sales.

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