Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Purse Payouts (Confirmed)

Floyd Mayweather is set to make his return to the ring in a exhibition fight against Youtuber Paul Logan on 20th February 2021. This will be the second time Floyd Mayweather fighting someone without any professional boxing background and behind this circus is only one motive and that is money. That the middle name of Floyd anyway so no surprises there.

How much Mayweather and Logan Paul will be making from the fight ?

Fight will be a PPV event which will be broadcasted via Fanmio app who are pricing this PPV at $24.95 as early access. Once it hits 1 million buys, price goes up to $59.95 and by 11th February 2021 the price goes up to $79,95. Crazy as it seems, Mayweather has been guaranteed a $5 million purse for the fight plus 50% of any PPV sales.

Logan Paul is guaranteed $1.5 million from the fight plus 10% of PPV sales. But fight Mayweather will put his name right up there as a bigger lunatic as he is right now. He is going to milk this before and after the fight which goes to show he is the winner even before setting foot in the ring. As for Mayweather, he is tarnishing his legacy as we speak. Although undefeated in his career he will never be written in the same ink as the likes of Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER JR$5 million guaranteed plus 50% of PPV sales share
LOGAN PAUL$1.5 million guaranteed plus 10% PPV sales share.

Logan Paul has fought another youtuber KSI couple of times and made huge money back off it and he is about to hit another jackpot while gracing the ring with one of the most complete boxer in welterweight history. This fight is just exhibition fight but we can safely assume people will be buying the PPV just to see Paul Logan get smashed by Mayweather.

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