Floyd Mayweather vs Money Kicks Exhibition Fight Date 2022 (20 February) Announced AT Burj Al Arab hotel In Dubai

Mayweather Money Kicks Exhibition

Rumors and Rumors that Mayweather Jr will make return to boxing and re-match take place with Logan Paul. Now some sources claiming that, Mayweather Jr seen in action against Rashed Belhasa another Youtube celebrity. There are reports according to which Rashed Belhasa currently preparing for an exhibition bout. With unbeaten former world champion Floyd Mayweather. Floyd Mayweather Money Kicks exhibition fight date released.

Boxing Schedule

Fight Date | 20 February 2022 | The 20 year old youtuber well known as “Money Kicks”. Looking forward to get success in the pro boxing. Last year, Mayweather Jr, hint that next exhibition fight would take place at helipad of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. it looks like he is talking about fight with Rashed Belhasa.

Venue for the Fight | Burj Al Arab Hotel, In UAE is the selected venue for the exhibition fight. But it’s not confirmed yet that fight take place on Helipad.

Head to Head | It’s not for the first time that, Rashed Belhasa will share the ring boxer, he recently dominate Youtube celebrity (Anas Elshayib) in boxing match. Mayweather Jr hold record of 50-0, he looks in no mood to disturb his record. It’s a exhibition fight but means allot to former world heavyweight champion.

More Details regarding to Mayweather Money Kicks exhibition fight date, purses, venue and under-card reported here in upcoming weekend.

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