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Gerald Washington Demirezen Purse


Gerald Washington vs Ali Eren Demirezen Purse Payouts (1 December 2022) | There Will be No PPV Share & Win Bonus for Both Boxers

Gerald Washington Demirezen Purse

In the first week of New Year, Gerald Washington return to boxing ring, as per sources it’s confirmed that he will be facing Ali Eren Demirezen. Ali Eren Demirezen who made professional debut in 2016, only suffer one defeat in his career from (Efe Ajagba) in non-title fight. Gerald Washington Ali Eren Demirezen purse payouts for the upcoming ppv reported.

BoxersGuaranteed PursePPV ShareTotal Payouts
Gerald Washington$100,000N/A$100,000
Ali Eren Demirezen$50,000N/A$50,000

Gerald Washington (25 Fights, 20 Wins, 4 Lost, 1 Draw), things changed for the boxer since 2017. He lost the title fight Deontay Wilder and later non title fight from (Jarrell Miller). In 2020, he made single appearance in boxing ring against Charles Martin. But lost the fight in the 6th round on knockout decision. He will make guaranteed money upto $100k from the fight against Ali Eren Demirezen. it’s a great chance for him to make successful return in 2022.

Ali Eren Demirezen (15 Fights, 14 Wins, 1 Lost), hold the WBO European heavyweight for two years term 2018-19. He will return to the ring once again after 1 year break since 2020. It’s his first major pay-per-view fight on the (Charles vs Ortiz) fight card. It’s confirmed he will leave arena pocketing $50k from the fight win or lose. In 2020, he defeat two opponents (Kamil Sokolowski and Andrei Mazanik), if manage to pull victory against Washington he will get a title shot in the upcoming year.

Q: How much Gerald Washington Earn in Previous Against Charles Martin?

A: He make straight money $275k no ppv included

Q: How much Ali Eren Demirezen guaranteed purse for the fight with Kamil Sokolowski?

A: $25k guaranteed no ppv included

More details based on Gerald Washington Ali Eren Demirezen purse confirmed reported here after their fight, if pay-per-view share or win bonus awarded to the boxers.

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