Gervonta Davis vs Hector Luis Garcia Purse Payouts | How PPV Share Split among the two boxers?

Gervonta Davis Garcia Purse

The first major pay-per-view event of boxing taking place on 7th January in Washington DC, United States. Official coverage rights for the fight hold by Showtime PPV. Gervonta (Tank) Davis back in action, the undefeated boxer, recently split with Mayweather promotions and will be fighting under new promoter against Hector Luis Garcia. Gervonta Davis Hector Luis Garcia purse payouts based on their boxing contracts reported.

BoxersPursePPV Split ShareTotal Payout | PPV sales
Gervonta Davis$1m70%$3.5m estimated bases on ppv sales
Hector Luis Garcia$500k30%$1m estimated based on ppv sales

How Much Gervonta Davis Earn after Split with Mayweather Promotions?

The big fight waiting for Davis in April when he will come head to head with Ryan Garcia, but before that he got a tough competition with Hector Luis Garcia. Tank Davis will earn guaranteed $1m from the fight further earnings based on his contract with promoters and pay-per-view sales on fight day.

  • Guaranteed Purse : $1m
  • If pay-per-view sales crossed the mark of 700k on fight day in UK and US both his earnings increased maximum $3.5m which means he will make ($2.5m) estimated from the ppv sales. However the official numbers for the ppv sales not claimed yet to find-out more about that we have to wait until the fight.

Hector Luis Garcia, waiting for this opportunity, he earned the ppv title fight after dominating top opponents (Chris Colbert) and Roger GutiƩrrez in 2022. Luis Garcia hopeful to do the upset of the year 2023 in boxing calendar at Capital One Arena, in Washington, United States.

  • Guaranteed Purse : $500k
  • PPV sales share bonus : $500k

More details, for the Gervonta Davis Hector Luis Garcia purse updated after the pay-per-view. Guaranteed money for the boxers is confirmed however pay-per-view share promoters never revealed how much they adjusted with boxers. Estimated number of ppv money for both boxers provided.

  • PPV : Showtime PPV
  • Guaranteed Money : $1.5m
  • PPV Sales on fight Day : 550k (estimated)
  • Gateway Income : $3m estimated on base (20k attendance)