Gervonta Davis vs Isaac Cruz Purse Payouts (5 December 2021)

Gervonta Davis Cruz Purse

The upcoming fightweek of boxing pay-per-view schedule announced. In the upcoming weekend, Gervonta Davis come head to head with Isaac Cruz, the fight already gets spotlight of media and sports journalists. Gervonta Davis looking forward to extended his winning streak upto 26 fights, his next opponent Isaac Cruz confirmed. Fight date, reported for the pay-per-view (5 December 2021). Isaac Cruz looks in great form since start of the year 2021, after winning back to back key pay-per-view fights, he defeat Francisco Vargas to obtain the number one contenders position to challenge Davis for WBA (Regular) lightweight champion. Gervonta Davis Isaac Cruz purse payouts confirmed after their fight date revealed.

Gervonta Davis vs Isaac Cruz Purse Payouts (5 December 2021)


Guaranteed Purse

PPV Share

Total Payouts (PPV Share Bonus)

Gervonta Davis

$1 million


$2.3 million

Isaac Cruz




Gervonta Davis : (25 Fights, 25 Wins, 24 Knockout Wins), Davis who signed a long-term deal with Mayweather promotion hopeful to retain his winning streak. In 2021, he only fight once, dominate opponent (Mario Barrios). He earned $5 million for his previous fight including pay-per-view share as per boxing news sources reported. The guaranteed purse for Davis announced, he will earn $1 million purse and his pay-per-view share increased his overall earnings upto ($3 million to $4 million), all based pay-per-view sales. Davis suppose to fight Rolando Romero, but for some reasons, Romero remove from the card, Issac Cruz step-up to fight Tank Davis in December 2021.

Isaac Cruz : (24 Fights, 22 Wins, 1 Loss, 1 Draw), It’s a great opportunity for Issac Cruz to put a good fight in first major pay-per-view of his career. He will make $300k guaranteed purse from the fight and based on pay-per-view sales points, leave the arena with maximum ($600k). A victory over Francisco Vargas increase the moral of the boxer. So far all analysis back to back fight results hinting a straight 26th undefeated win for Tank Davis, but things may be different once the both boxers approach the ring it’s difficult to choose one winner among them.

Currently details regarding to both Gervonta Davis Isaac Cruz purse money based on their contract deal with promotions. The finals numbers may be more than, all depends on how boxers get paid based on win bonus, ppv bonus or international tv money. Upcoming boxing schedule and pay-per-view fights for 2022 also confirmed, checkout more stuff.

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