Gervonta Davis vs Rolando Romero Purse Payouts | How Much Both Boxers Will Earn From PPV Shares Bonus

Gervonta Davis Romero Purse

The PPV fight scheduled between the Davis and Romero will take place on May 28 2022. The date and venue decided. The fight was scheduled to take place in December. Then, it delayed due to investigations against Romero. Now, Romero is back after getting clearance from all the allegations. So, both boxers will meet each other in Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Mayweather promotions is promoting the boxers and the fight. Moreover, Gervonta Davis vs Rolando Romero purse payouts also revealed for the fight.

Facts Behind The Fight | World Boxing Association ordered the world lightweight champion Gervonta Davis to defend his title. Rolando Romero is set as the mandatory challenge for the bout. The boxing match will be thrilling as Romero claimed that he will knockout his opponent in the first round.

Gervonta Davis vs Rolando Romero Purse Payouts

The fight between these two boxers is a PPV event. Davis, current world lightweight champion will earn the maximum of the purse and PPV shares. Purse bid was on February 24 but it failed as both boxers are a part of Mayweather Promotions. So, it will host the fight.

Gervonta Davis will pocket a guaranteed purse of $2 Million as he is considered A side of the fight. Moreover, he is a world champion and will defend his lightweight title in the upcoming fight of his career. Moreover, he will also receive a large share of PPV earnings that will surely make an increment in his earnings. The expected PPV price is $79. If the sales will reach the proposed mark, Davis will pocket $% Million for the bout as he will receive 50% of the PPV sales revenue.

On the other side, it is also a golden chance for #1 contender Rolando Romero to make the highest purse of his career. His base salary reported for the match id $500k. While if we add PPV sales revenue according to the proposed mark, Romero will take home pocketing $1.5 Million for the fight.

BoxersGuaranteed PursePPV ShareTotal Payouts
Gervonta Davis$2 Millions60%$5 Millions
Rolando Romero$500k40%$1.5 Millions

The guaranteed purses are confirmed. Whereas, the final payouts will be only in the case if the PPV sales crossed the required mark. So, the final payouts depend upon the PPV earnings. We will update here all the changes in the earnings once the fight gets over. Till then, stay tuned. Moreover, the boxing schedule for the 2022 season revealed.

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