IBA Women’s World Championships Prize Money | How Much Winning Boxers Earn Based on Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal?

Women's Boxing Championships Prize Money

New Delhi is going to host one of the biggest tournament of women’s boxing as dates and venue announced. IBA is producing the 13th edition in 2023, scheduled between the March 16 to March 26. IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships 2023 comes with the massive prize money of all times history of this event. Thus, boxers are set to receive enormous payouts for participating in the competitions. Here we have provided the whole data regarding the prize money share breakdown.

Total Prize Money: The total purse announced for the 2023 edition of IBA Women’s Championships is $2.4 million. Medalists and all other boxers will get their prize funds from this amount.

IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships 2023 Prize Money Breakdown

Gold Medalist: The boxers who will make it through the tournament and win the final will earn a gold medal. Beyond this, the prize share of $100k will be awarded to all the winners of respective category as participants will fight with each other in 12 different divisions.

Silver Medalists: The runner ups of each weight division will be given silver medal alongside with the guaranteed prize money share of $50k.

Bronze Medalists: The boxers who will get bronze medals during this marquee event will take home the guaranteed prize money share of $25k.

StagesPrize Money Share
Gold Medalists$100k
Silver Medalists$50k
Bronze Medalists$25k

All these are the details about the IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships 2023 prize money. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!