Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman Jr Purse Payouts | Paul Will Take Home The Guaranteed Purse Of $5 Million

August is going to set on fire as one of the biggest fight of the boxing world will take place on August 5. Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman Jr purse payouts details revealed along with the PPV share revenue and sponsorships. The date and venue of the fight confirmed. Madison Square Garden, New York is the host of the match. Both boxers will fight under heavyweight category.

Paul Rahman Jr Purse

Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman Jr Purse Payouts

Guaranteed Purses | Jake Paul, one of the greatest name of the boxing is the dominant side of the fight. Thus, he will pocket a whopping guaranteed purse of $5 million besides the PPV bonuses. On the other side, Hasim Rahman Jr, the son of former boxer Hasim Rahman, will take home a guaranteed purse of $500k for the fight. The big gap between the payouts based on the contracts, popularity and performances of both.

PPV Shares Revenue | Jake Paul is holding an expensive PPV share deal with Showtime is among the most money making boxers. His fight with Rahman Jr will take place in Madison Square Garden, having the sitting capacity of 20,000. Thus, there will be chances of enormous PPV sales, based on the Jake Paul’s popularity across the globe. Paul will take home 70% revenue of the PPV sales as he is the A side of the fight. Hasim will received share of 30% from pay-per-view.

Final Payouts | The final payouts are not confirmed yet. However, if the PPV sales will cross the proposed mark, Paul will take home final payout of $11 million from the fight while Rahman will manage taking home the total payout of $1 million.

BoxersPursesPPV ShareTotal Payouts
Jake Paul$5 million$6 million$11 million
Hasim Rahman Jr$500k$500k$1 million

Jake Paul

Paul is one of the biggest name of the boxing world currently active and showing his class. The 25 years old has stunned the world with his performance and incredible fighting skills.

Hasim Rahman Jr

Hasim Rahman Jr, professional boxer from America has won 12 bouts from the total of 13. He will now meet Jake Paul in the ring for in a PPV fight on August 7 at Madison Square Garden.

All these are the details about the purse payouts of Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman Jr fight along with the PPV share revenue. If there is any change in the details, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!