Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz Purse Payouts | How Much Money Both Earn from Tickets Income & PPV Shares ?

Jake Paul Diaz Purse

Things have been changed for Jake Paul after losing major pay-per-view fight from Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia 2023. Both boxers express their interest to get re-match, however before the we get re-match day, it’s confirmed that Jack Paul will be back in boxing ring for eight rounds fight against MMA fighter (Nate Diaz). Jake Paul Nate Diaz purse payouts which include pay-per-view share details reported.

BoxersGuaranteed PursePPV ShareTotal Earnings Including PPV Money Bonuses
Jake Paul$3m60%$12m | based on pay-per-view sales figures
Nate Diaz$750k40%$3m | based on pay-per-view sales figures

The fight between these two held on 5th August 2023, at American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas, in United States. The venue have capacity of holding more than 19.5k people at one time. Promoters of the pay-per-view card expecting full crowed on fight day.

Jake Paul earn guaranteed $5m for the pay-per-view fight against Tommy Fury. The earnings hike to $10m which include bonuses from tickets revenue and pay-per-view money shares. Paul will earn guaranteed purse of $3m for the fight with Diaz on 5th August 2023, and overall earnings hike maximum $12m which include tickets income, sponsorship money and pay-per-view money.

Nate Diaz earned career highest purse McGregor fight, as per reports he earned $2m for the re-match against McGregor. Diaz will earn $750k maximum purse for the debut boxing fight against opponent Jake Paul. Earnings, of Nate Diaz will hike to $3m which include ppv, ticket income. There will be more about Jake Paul Nate Diaz purse once the fight is completed. DAZN and FITE TV hold worldwide Paul vs Diaz streaming coverage.