Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Purse Payouts | How Much Both Boxers Earn from PPV Money? What Will be PPV Split Share?

Jake Paul’s boxing career has been absolute success considering his background as a youtube clown and his next adventure is fighting a pro boxer in Tommy Fury (brother of Tyson Fury) on Saturday night, 25th February 2023. Tommy Fury was offered half million to fight Jake Paul and he too on the fight making it Jake Paul’s first against a pro boxer. Jake Paul Tommy Fury Purse payouts are finalized and confirmed and below are all the financial details leading upto the fight.

Jake Paul can take his stock to whole different level if he can win against Tommy Fury. However fighting a proper boxer will be a big ask for Paul. Whose boxing career might be over on the night. Tommy Fury as the brother of Tyson Fury can not afford to lose against someone Jake Paul. Who lacks any basic boxing training and loss would surely put curtains on his career just like Tyson Fury himself promised that if Tommy loses he should not only change his name but also leave the country and go into hiding.

BoxersPursePPV Share
Jake Paul$5m70%$15m | if ppv sales stay strong
Tommy Fury$1m30%$3m | if ppv sales stay strong

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Purse Payouts: The fight between these two first announced in year 2021, but later called-off. Than in 2022 new dates reported for the Paul vs Fury fight but Fury could not fight due to injury. Third time their fight is confirmed will take place in Diriyah Arena, Diriyah, Saudi Arabia.

Since the fight confirmed. The Jake Paul purse details reported he will take home guaranteed money $5m. His opponent Fury will make maximum $1m from the fight. Promoters never revealed the official details pay-per-view money. They paid to the boxers, however estimated figures for both boxers earnings reported. As per details Jake Paul can earn upto $15m based on ppv points and Fury earn $3m on pay-per-view points.

Further details regarding to Jake Paul Tommy Fury purse updated here, if the official pay-per-view points for the revealed by the promotion.

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