Jermell Charlo vs Tim Tszyu Purse Payouts | PPV Share Revenue (Confirmed) | Tszyu Will Pocket A Guaranteed Purse Of $1.5 Million

American boxer Jermell Charlo accepts to defend the junior middleweight championship. He will be in action against Tim Tszyu. Charlo is coming after an epic win against Brian Castano and got WBO light middleweight title. On the other hand, Soul Taker’ Tszyu is having a perfect record with no defeat. Jermell Charlo vs Tim Tszyu Purse Payouts confirmed.

Jermell Charlo Tszyu Purse

Jermell Charlo vs Tim Tszyu Purse Payouts

The junior middleweight championship bout is actually a PPV match that will be streamed through Showtime. Thus the boxers will also receive PPV share revenue for the fight besides the guaranteed purses. Here are the complete details how much Charlo and Tszyu will earn through the fight.

Guaranteed Purse | Tszyu is unbeaten so far in his career and is favorite for the fight. He will pocket a huge guaranteed purse of $1.5 million. While, Charlo will get a guaranteed purse of $1 million for defending his title.

PPV Share Revenue | PPV share revenue will be distributed among Charlo and Tszyu. The Australian is considered the A side of the fight and will receive 70% of the PPV revenue while Charlo will take home 30% revenue. The pay per view price of Showtime is $74.99.

Sponsorships | There are also many sponsorships available for both boxers that will surely make a solid increment in the total payouts.

Total Payouts | If the PPV sales reached the proposed mark, Tszyu earnings will reach $2 million while the American boxer will bank a total money of $1.3 million.

BoxersGuaranteed PursePPV ShareTotal Payouts
Jermell Charlo$1.5 million70%$2 million
Tim Tszyu$1 million30%$1.3 million

Jermell Charlo

Category | Light Middleweight
Guaranteed Purse | $1 million
PPV Share | 30%
Status | Active

Jermell Charlo, professional boxer from America is active and is holding light middleweight title. He boxed 37 bouts and won 35 out of them including 19 knockout wins.

Tim Tszyu

Category | Light Middleweight
Guaranteed Purse | $1.5 million
PPV Share | 70%
Status | Active

The professional Australian boxer has fought 21 matches and won all including 15 knockout wins. He will receive 70% of the PPV share for the fight against Charlo.

That’s all about the details of purse payouts of Jermell Charlo vs Tim Tszyu for the junior light middleweight championship title. Further updates will be available here if any change in the details reported. Stay tuned for more information as the boxing PPV fights schedule announced!