Leigh Wood vs Michael Conlan Purses | Guaranteed $1.5m Payouts Distributed Among Both Boxers | 11 March 2022

Leigh Wood Conlan Purse

The fight confirmed for the month of March 2022. Michael Conlan, the Irish boxer hopeful to become the new champion of WBA regular featherweight champion this upcoming weekend. Leigh Wood, made last appearance in 2021 against his Chinese opponent Xu Can and won the title in the 12th round knockout. Leight Wood vs Michael Conlan purse payouts for the fight reported by the promotions.

Who Won the Purse Bid For the WBA Regular Featherweight Title Fight?

Purse Bid Acceptance | The Match Room boxing promotion comes up with $1.5m purse bid which is 5% more compare to the Top Rank promotion $1.2m. Match Room purse bid for the fight accepted and according to boxing sources it’s confirmed that $825k guaranteed purse money awarded to Wood and Michael Conlan would receive his share of 675k.

  • Purse Bid By MatchRoom Promotion | $1.5m
  • Purse Bid by Top Rank Promotion | $1.2m
Leigh Wood Purse Payouts

Leigh Wood

Guaranteed Purse | $825,000
PPV Money | not reported
Total Payout | $825,000

Wood Purse | In the previous fight, Wood earned guaranteed purse $500k for the fight. But this looks like his career highest prize money so far in the boxing. No pay-per-view money reported but purse split share confirmed which 55% of it.

BoxersPursesPurse SplitTotal Payout
Leigh Wood$825k55%$825k (not including ppv money)
Michael Conlan$675k45%$625k (not including ppv money)
Michael Conlan Purse Payouts

Michael Conlan

Guaranteed Purse | $675,000
PPV Money | not reported
Total Payout | $675,000

Conlan Payout | It’s a great opportunity for the Conlan to become the new champion of WBA featherweight division. He will earned guaranteed purse $675k which is more than his previous fights.

Wood Conlan purse payouts reported, since the details were confirmed for the boxers money if the ppv money reported and details provided here later. If any of these two boxers earn from tv money. Checkout the under-card fights and time of the main event.

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