Luis Nunez vs Carlos Arrieta Purse Payouts (7 January 2022) Confirmed | $250k Distributed Guaranteed Among Both Boxers

Luis Nunez Arrieta Purse

Showtime announced their first major pay-per-view event it’s non title fight between Luis Nunez and Carlos Arrieta. The fight card feature co-main event between Ali Izmailov and Israel Duffus. The boxing dates of other major pay-per-view that take place in UK are moved to new dates while, US boxing organizers did not change the dates for the event. It’s confirmed that both lightweights boxers will fight on 7 January 2022. Luis Nunez Carlos Arrieta purse payouts for their upcoming fight on 7th January reported.

BoxersGuaranteed PayoutsPPV Share
Luis Nunez$150,000N/A
Carlos Arrieta$100,000 N/A

Luis Reynaldo Nunez, 22 year old had dominate opponent Jayvon Garnett, in his previous showtime pay-per-view fight. Arrieta is bit different boxer, compare to opponents Luis Nunez face in the past, he is undefeated and hold strong record against his opponent. Luis Nunez will make guaranteed purse upto $150k it’s confirmed that non of these two get ppv share.

Carlos Arrieta, from Puerto Rico, hold winning streak of 14 fights looking forward to extend his winning streak record to 15. The next fight schedule with Nunez, if manage to win the fight will later earn title shot in bantam weight division. Arrieta will leave the arena Caribe Royale Orlando, pocketing guaranteed amount $100k.

Q: How much purse money Luis Nunez earned in previous fight against Jayvon Garnett?

A: $150,000 guaranteed purse

Q: How much Carlos Arrieta made from his last fight against Julio Buitrago?

A: $75,000 guaranteed money

Q: How much win bonus awarded to the Nunez and Arrieta on 7 January 2022?

A: $50,000 (maximum) paid to boxers as of winning bonus, but some organizers paid 100% equal to their guaranteed purse.

It’s not confirmed yet that these two received any ppv money but some time organizers offered win bonus which is released after the fight, if there will be any of it for Luis Nunez Carlos Arrieta purse, details provided here later. Complete boxing schedule updated for 2022 where you can see the upcoming major pay-per-view fights.

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