Manny Pacquiao vs DK Yoo Fight Card | Exhibition Bout Date | PPV Start Time In Philippine & South Korea

Pacquiao Yoo Fight Card

It looks like the top professional boxers looking forward to return to the boxing ring, Manny Pacquiao will be back in action on 10th December 2022. DK Yoo will be opponent whom Pacquiao face in an exhibition fight. The fight will take place at Korea International Exhibition Center, Goyang, South Korea. The promoters hopeful big crowed turn towards the arena. Manny Pacquiao DK Yoo fight card confirmed.

How Many Rounds Exhibition Fights Had?

It’s confirmed that the fight between Manny Pacquiao and DK Yoo will be held in the upcoming weekend. The fight will be based on 6 rounds.

Who is DK Yoo the opponent of Pacquiao?

DK Yoo is a YouTuber, who will be fighting one of the toughest boxers in the world from Philippines, Pacquiao. DK Yoo has a bold prediction ahead of his major pay-per-view exhibition fight with Pacquiao, he believes that he will ‘win with the jab’ against the experienced Filipino southpaw.

Boxing FightsFight CardRounds
Manny Pacquiao vs DK YooMain Card6
Jose Luis Castillo Jr vs Min Guk JuMain Card
Nico Hernandez vs Jae Young KimMain Card

Who Else on the Fight Card?

Currently main event fight for the exhibition fight announced but we can expect more fights on the card which will be revealed week before 11th December. Once the complete details regarding Manny Pacquiao DK Yoo fight card released details provided here. Complete details about Pacquiao vs DK live stream confirmed.