Mike Perez vs Vasil Ducar Purses | PPV Money Payouts | 26 March 2022

Mike Perez Ducar Purse

In the upcoming weekend, Mike Perez will come head to head with Vasil Ducar. The fight schedule and take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The title which is on the line (WBA International Cruiserweight title) awarded to the winner of the fight. Mike Perez Vasil Ducar purse payouts for the fight reported.

Mike Perez Payouts | It’s a great chance for the Cuban professional boxer to become the new WBA International cruiserweight champion. Perez recently dominate opponent (Jose Gregorio Ulrich), to earn the title shot against Ducar. Before that, Perez defeat (Tony Salam) and made successful comeback to boxing. He will pocket guaranteed money $500k from the fight.

Mike Perez Career Earnings

Mike Perez

Guaranteed Purse | $500k
PPV Money | not reported
Total Payout | $500k

Vasil Ducar Purse | After losing back to back fights in 2019-20 from Kevin Lerena, Herve Lofidi, and Alexey Egorov, Ducar made superb comeback dominate opponents Václav Pejsar and Nicolas Holcapfel in year 2020 and 2021. Ducar will earn guaranteed purse of $275k from the fight.

Vasil Ducar Career Earnings

Vasil Ducar

Guaranteed Purse | $275k
PPV Money | not reported
Total Payout | $275k

BoxersGuaranteed PursesPPV Share
Mike Perez$500kN/A
Vasil Ducar$275kN/A

PPV Money | It’s a pay-per-view fight, the purse bid reported but no details confirmed how much both boxers get paid from ppv sales. If any figures released after the fight details regarding to Mike Perez Vasil Ducar purse updated here later. Upcoming boxing schedule for June and July released.

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