Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul Purse Payouts February 2022 (Revealed)

Mike Tyson Logan Paul Purse

Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson will return to boxing ring once again after fighting with Roy Jones Jr in 2020. According to boxing news sources it’s confirmed that legend (Mike Tyson) will be seen in action against Youtuber, turned boxer Logan Paul. Tyson return to boxing ring in 2020, his fight ended as of draw against Jones Jr, both fighters earn $10 million each, as per news sources reported, Tyson donate the amount to charity. Mike Tyson Logan Paul purse payouts for the February 2022 based on their contract terms and condition.

BoxersGuaranteed PursePPV ShareTotal Payout (Including ppv share)
Mike Tyson$10 million50%$15 million (including ppv share)
Logan Paul$5 million50% $10 million (including ppv share

In February, Mike Tyson will make $10 million guaranteed purse no reports share about legend boxer pay-per-view share. There will be 50% each pay-per-view share adjusted for the both boxers which means at the end of the fight Mike Tyson will pocket ($15 million) and Logan Paul will make maximum $10 million. The last fight of Mike Tyson, hold by Triller pay-per-view, currently no details released who will conduct the upcoming exhibition match on pay-per-view.

Logan Paul, who turned pro boxer in 2019, looking forward to give tough competition to heavyweight 55 year old legend (Mike Tyson). The previous fight of Paul, ended as draw against Mayweather Jr after a eight round. Logan Paul impressed number of boxing pundits and pro boxers with his performance against Mayweather Jr. If there are any changes made to Mike Tyson Logan Paul purse money and contract details provided here.

Note: The pay-per-view share actual numbers might be different, boxers earnings may more than, some times promoters never share the international money and tv rights money they adjusted to boxers payouts.

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