Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr Purse Payouts (Confirmed)

Mike Tyson is making a sensational return to the ring against another boxing great Roy Jones Jr in what will be a exhibition boxing fight set to take place on 28th November 2020. Regardless the nature of the fight, it already have a massive attraction around the world and streaming giant “Triller” has secured the USA broadcasting rights for over $50 million. Which means both Tyson and Roy Jones Jr are set to pocket a big pay day. We take a look at financial numbers behind Tyson-Jones Purse.

Broadcasting Rights: Triller is a relatively new app which is trying to rival TikTok and they have splashed over $50 million to secure the rights for Tyson-Jones fight. Its still not confirmed how much Triller will charge for the PPV and how exactly it is going to stream the fight live online. More details will be published closer to the fight.

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr Purse Details: Roy Jones was a massive name in his prime but what Mike Tyson brings to the table is on a totally different level. Speaking recently after fight was confirmed, Roy Jones gave a hint about how much he might be making. He expects around $10 million just from the PPV sales share depending on the number of buys of course. Tyson on the other hand have been more cautions about financial numbers and even told reporters he is fighting for free. However we can confirm there is absolutely zero chance of Tyson fighting for free.

Both Tyson and Roy Jones earnings from the fight are tied down to tier down PPV buys contract. Higher the ppv numbers bigger the payout for both fighters. We expect Triller PPV price for this fight to be around $69.95 just the in US and if it does over 1 million PPV sales we are looking at around $70 million just for US tv market. The international numbers might bring round about same total making it easily over $100 million fight.

That opens up a $20 million purse for each fighter plus there will be sponsorship deals which will bring in extra cash for the fighters.

So to sum up, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones jr are set to clear around $20 million from this fight unless the PPV numbers are below par. It also depend how Triller manages to build up the hype leading to the fight week as they are suppose to make a 10-part documentary series leading to the fight.

MIKE TYSONGuaranteed $10 million + PPV share potentially making it $20 million earnings for Tyson.
ROY JONES JRGuaranteed $10 million plus PPV share.

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