Roman Gonzalez vs Julio Cesar Martinez Guaranteed Purses | How Much PPV Money Payouts Reported For Both? (5 March 2022)

Roman Gonzalez Martinez Purse

One of the most awaited fight of the year 2022 take place between Roman Gonzalez and Julio Cesar. The fight is confirmed and take place at (Pechanga Arena, San Diego), in United States. It’s a non-title pay-per-view fight, which gives a great chance to winner get title shot in future. Roman Gonzalez Julio Cesar Martinez purse payouts reported for the fight.

Roman Gonzalez career earnings

Roman Gonzalez

Purses | $500k (contract reported)
PPV Money | 50% (per fight)
Total Payout |
$2.3m (only if ppv sales meet expected numbers)

BoxersPursesPPV MoneyTotal Payouts
Roman Gonzalez$500k50%$2.3m (ppv points sales revenue share)
Julio Cesar Martinez$300k50%$1m (ppv points sales revenue share)
Juilo Cesar Martinez Earnings

Juilo Cesar Martinez

Purses | $300k (guaranteed)
PPV Money | 50%
Total Payout |
$1m (based on ppv sales and numbers on fight day)

Previous Fight Payouts | Roman Gonzalez return to the ring after March 2021, he lost his previous pay-per-view fight from Juan Francisco Estrada. Gonzalez not only lost his WBC super flyweight title but also WBC and the Ring weight title. He made $500k guaranteed from the fight and $1.5m at the end of the fight based on ppv share.

Juilo Cesar Martinez, hopeful to make successful comeback to the ring in 2022, his upcoming fight with Gonzalez held on 4th March 2022 at Pechanga Arena for which he will make $300k guaranteed and if pay-per-view sales stay strong, he will make big money of his career fights upto $1m.

Note | Since the ppv sales not reported, for that we have to wait until fight day, the estimated ppv money reported for the both boxers. If any changes made to Roman Gonzalez Julio Cesar Martinez purse details provided here later.

How Much Roman Gonzalez Purse For 2022 Fights?

$500k per fight (contract)

How much Juilo Cesar Martinez purse payouts in 2022?

$300k contract reported but earn upto $1m based ppv sales

What is PPV sales share revenue for Gonzalez vs Cesar Martinez?

50% each for both

Who will be Highest Paid in the Fight Card?

Roman Gonzalez with Purse reported $500k guaranteed and with ppv money he will pocket $2.3m if expected sales on fight day.

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