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Stephen Fulton Roman Purse


Stephen Fulton vs Daniel Roman Purse Payouts | Fulton Will Pocket A Guaranteed Purse Of $500k

Daniel Roman’s journey to fight the match against Murodjon Akhmadaliev hurdled by another fighting match. Roman will now face undefeated 122 pound champion Fulton. The purse payouts details of Stephen Fulton vs Daniel Roman boxing match revealed as the date and venue of the fight confirmed. Fulton will defend his boxing titles in this fight.

Stephen Fulton Roman Purse

Stephen Fulton vs Daniel Roman Fight Preview

Fulton is the current unified champion holding titles in 2 different categories. He is WBC super bantamweight and WBO junior featherweight champion and is looking to defend his title against Roman. Both boxers are important part of the boxing world and the bout is of great importance for each of them. Here are the details about the boxing match.

  • Fight Date | June 4
  • Fight Venue | Minneapolis Armory, Minneapolis
  • PPV Channel | Showtime Boxing

Minneapolis Armory, Minneapolis is the host of the fight while Showtime Boxing is the official broadcaster of the fight. The boxing match is a PPV event and you have to purchase the pay per view to access the live stream. $74.99 is the price of one PPV of Showtime.

Stephen Fulton vs Daniel Roman Purse Payouts

Here are the details that how much these boxers will earn as a guaranteed purse. Moreover, there is also a PPV share revenue for them besides the sponsorships and bonuses.

Guaranteed Purse | Fulton, being the champion will pocket a guaranteed purse of $500k for the fight. Whereas, his rival Daniel Roman will take home $300k as guaranteed purse for the fight.

PPV Share Revenue | There is also a PPV share revenue for them. The revenue will be divided in the ratio of 60% and 40%. Fulton will pocket 60% of the revenue and the rest is for Roman.

Sponsorships | Both boxers will also receive sponsorship money that will make a sure increment in their earnings.

Total Payouts | The total payouts of Fulton and Roman are not confirmed as the PPV share details not announced yet. If the PPV sales reach the proposed mark, Fulton’s money will cross $1 million. Whereas, Roman will bank total purse of $500k for the fight.

BoxersGuaranteed PursePPV ShareTotal Payouts
Stephen Fulton$500k60%$1 million
Daniel Roman$300k40%$500k

Stephen Fulton

Category | Bantamweight
Guaranteed Purse | $500k
PPV Share | 60%
Status | Active

Fulton has boxed 20 matches in his career and won all the games including 8 knockout wins. He will pocket guaranteed purse of $500k for his fight against Roman.

Daniel Roman

Category | Bantamweight
Guaranteed Purse | $300k
PPV Share | 40%
Status | Active

Daniel Roman, professional boxer from America has fought 33 bouts and won 29 out of them including 3 losses. He will receive 40% PPV share revenue and $300k as guaranteed purse for his upcoming fight.

All these are the purse payout details of Stephen Fulton vs Daniel Roman for the unified titles fight. Further updates will be available here if there is any change in the details. For more boxing PPV fights, stay tuned!

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