Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3 Purse Payouts (Confirmed)

Tyson Fury is set to take on Deontay Wilder for the second rematch between the two on Saturday, 24th July 2021 in what should be a cracking heavyweight encounter. Although Fury was expected to fight Anthony Joshua for the mega fight but Wilder had the mandatory status and if Fury were to fight Joshua he would have to forfeit his world titles. So now we have the third fight between the two however the hype around is not the same as it was in the second fight where both cleared over $25 million each. We take a look at how much they will be earning in their third fight?

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3 Purse Payouts:

Wilder vs Fury (First Fight): Back in December 2018 in their first fight which was a split draw decision Deontay Wilder was the A side and earned around $9m to $12m . While Tyson Fury had to be content with 40/60 share of the purse and cleared around $6.75m to $8.75m.

Fury vs Wilder II (Second Fight): Their second fight was billed as one of the biggest heavyweight showdowns in recent history and it did well with PPV buys (generating around 850,000 ppv sales only in the US and another 400,000 in the UK). Both Fury and Wilder shared the purse and PPV revenue on 50/50 basis clearing minimum of $25 million each.

Fury vs Wilder III (Third Fight): However for the third fight both fighters will be a taking a pay cut so to speak considering the hype around the fight is not as much as the first rematch. That is largely down to the fact that many believe Fury have been so dominant in the first two fights that third fight is not actually needed. For many experts wilder has realistically won only 2 of the 19 round between the two rest were either dominated by Fury or could have gone either way. So promoters are not expecting same PPV numbers as their second fight resulting in less revenue and ultimately less purse for both.

However it will still be bigger purse than the first bout and if third fight can generate around 500,000 ppv buys in the US and another 300,000 in the UK both fighters will earn around $12 to 15 million easily. Thing to be noted here is that Fury is the A side heading into the third fight and will take home 60/40 split in his favor.

T.FURY$10 million guaranteed plus share of PPV revenue depending on PPV buys numbers. Set to clear between $12 to 15 million.
D. WILDER$8 million guaranteed plus share of PPV revenue. Might clear btween $10 to $12 million.

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