Tyson Fury vs Derek Chisora III Purse Payouts | $19m Guaranteed Salaries | 70/30 PPV Share Adjusted (3rd December 2022)

Tyson Fury Chisora Purse

The Gypsy King, back in the boxing ring. He recently made appearance in the month of April against Dillian Whyte. Fury knockout opponent Dillian Whyte in the 6th round of the fight. He is looking for same kind of performance against Chisora on 3rd December 2022. It’s a trilogy fight that will take place between Fury and Chisora. Tyson Fury Derek Chisora purse payouts reported for the upcoming fight.

BoxerGuaranteed PursePPV ShareTotal Payout | Including PPV Shares
Tyson Fury$15 million70%$50m (if ppv sales meet expectations)
Derek Chisora$4 million30%$8m (based on estimated ppv sales)

How Much Tyson Fury Earn from PPV Share?

The fight between Fury and Chisora is confirmed. It will take place in the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, where seating capacity is more than 65k people at one time. Which means promoters expecting big money from the gateway income. However, Tyson Fury will earn big chun of money from ppv share. If the ppv share crossed 800k limit on fight day, Fury get paid $60m or more than that based PPV buys.

  • Fury vs Whyte PPV Buys : 950,550 (US & UK)
  • According boxing sources, Fury earned $40m+ for the fight against Dillian Whyte.

Will there be any PPV Share Revenue for Derek Chisora?

Derek Chisora earned guaranteed purse and ppv share money upto $5m from the fight against opponent Pulev. The numbers for ppv share un-confirmed yet, since Fury make 80% from his previous fight, he will earn 70% from this one, which means Derek Chisora will make 30% from the fight purse. Guaranteed purse for Derek Chisora reported $4m, if pay-per-view buys sky high on fight day, Chisora will leave arena pocketing $8m estimated purse.

  • Chisora vs Pulev PPV Buys : 530,000 (US & UK)
  • The winner of the fight Chisora leave arena with purse worth of $5m including ppv bonuses.

Complete fight card for the Fury vs Chisora ppv fight announced. Co-main event fight will be held between Daniel Dubois and Kevin Lerena. Dubois will defend his heavyweight title 3rd December night in London, United Kingdom. If there will be any changes to Tyson Fury Chisora purse payouts based on sponsorship, early fight bonus reported, details updated here later.

  • Main Event : Tyson Fury vs Derek Chisora
  • Title : WBC heavyweight
  • Venue : Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London, England
  • Capacity : 70k people
  • Gateway Income : Estimated ($5m)
  • PPV Buys : 1.2m on fight day (estimated)
  • TV Coverage : BT Sports (UK) : ESPN+ (USA)