Tyson Fury vs Drew McIntyre Fight Date & Venue

Tyson Fury McIntyre Fight Date

Speculation, among WWE fans and boxing fans, that once again British heavyweight world boxing champion Tyson Fury return to the ring. Many news sources, close to both Fury and McIntyre speculate that a fight can be held among these two at WWE main pay-per-view card (Wrestle-Mania) the fight may known for (Battle of Brittan) if the Manchester United fighter return to WWE. Tyson Fury Drew McIntyre fight date and venue reported once the official confirmation released.

Tyson Fury Vs Drew McIntyre Fight Date & Venue (Announced)



TV Coverage


April 2022

AT&T Stadium in Dallas

WWE & Sky Sports


It’s not the first time that British heavyweight boxer (Tyson Fury) return to WWE. He made appearance in 2019, at Crown Jewel main wrestling card of WWE against Braun Strowman. In a interview to a magazine, McIntyre said “Tyson Fury stalking me, I wake up every morning, there is a new message on social media from Fury, may be it’s time I should answer him”.

Paris Fury, the wife of British heavyweight world champion, Tyson Fury revealed that her husband will be looking to wrestle again in WWE, keep in contact with WWE promotions and chief executive (Vince McMahon).

Currently no given dates for the fight confirmed, all depends on McIntyre, return to the ring, once the wrestler is back the fight date may be released. In the upcoming weekend the final event of WWE pay-per-view (WarGames) take place after that new calendar released. The Tyson Fury McIntyre fight date updated here.

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