Tyson Fury vs Drew McIntyre Purse Payouts & PPV Share Bonus (Revealed)

Tyson Fury McIntyre Purse

There are reports that, Drew McIntyre wants to face Tyson Fury at UK WWE pay-per-view. Tyson Fury who recently dominate the tribology fight against Deonty Wilder preparing himself for the upcoming biggest pay-per-view against Anthony Joshua in 2022. But before that, he is looking keen towards, to get a fight in UK WWE main pay-per-view against McIntyre. Tyson Fury Drew McIntyre purse payouts for the WWE pay-per-view depends on sales and contract they sign with company.

Tyson Fury vs Drew McIntyre Purse Payouts (PPV Share Bonus)


Guaranteed Purse

PPV Share

Total Payouts | Including ppv share bonus

Tyson Fury

$10 million


$25 million (if pay-per-view sales strong)

Drew McIntyre

$3.5 million


$5 million (if pay-per-view sales strong)

Currently dates, for the fight between Fury and McIntyre not revealed yet, possible it will held at Wrestle-mania or may be at Royal Rumble. The venue is also not yet decided for the fight it may take place outside of US and UK. If the pay-per-view main card fight confirmed, Tyson Fury will get paid $10 million guaranteed and as boxer he hold contract with pay-per-view share points which will increase his earnings maximum $25 million for the fight.

Drew McIntyre, who hold contract of $1 million with WWE, currently not active but looking to make return to WWE with big fight. He will earn $3.5 million guaranteed that is for sure, if the pay-per-view date confirmed, his overall earnings will increased $5 million his pay-per-view points share may not equal to Fury.

The details based on Tyson Fury Drew McIntyre purse money and ppv share will be based on contracts the get from WWE promotions. Once the deal, is done the details updated here later.

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