How Much Cost of LED Zing Stumps & Bails | PSL & IPL Using Flashing Stumps Technology Worth of $40k

Cost LED Stumps Bails

Big changes to the rules of cricket and technology made. One of them are the stumps which changed from complete wood to LED zing bails. Now day’s it’s easier for the Umpires to take decision. The introduction of LED bails and stumps first take place in the Big Bash League of Australia. Later the technology qualified for T20 cricket matches and ODI matches. Cost of Led Stumps and Bails reported back in 2013.

PSL 2022 Facts Check

PSL | Led Stumps Bails

Zing Bails Cost | $38,000
Country | Pakistan

Pakistan Super League also using the LED Zing Bail’s technology. Players are restricted to take wickets alongside them as they were expensive.

IPL 2022 Season

IPL | Led Stumps Bails

Zing Bails Cost | $30,000
Country | India

Indian Premier League also introduce the technology of LED Zing Bails. These bails cost over $30k in India, players will not allow to take wickets after the match.

Big Bash League 2022

BBL | Led Stumps Bails

Zing Bails Cost | $30,000
Country | Australia

Australia is the first country who introudce the technology of the LED stumps and bails in the Big Bash League.

Who Invent LED Zing Bails | Bronte EcKermann (Australian mechanical industrialist) the person behind the successful idea of the led stumps bails. In 2012, for the first time LED Zing bails used in the Big Bash League. The technology was introduced after three years of intense research and now become one of the popular invention of cricket sports history.

When Did ICC Introduce LED Zing Bails | The International Cricket Council used the bails for the first time during the playoff’s of U-19 cricket world cup in UAE. Later, these bails subjected for the other events such (T20 World Cup) and Champions Trophy.

One of the major reason of being expensive bails in cricket is these stumps-bails are imported from Australia and the import-export duties involved, which are different in each country like Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. If the purchased bails rate is $15,000 including duties increase overall price to $25k to $30k in the countries.

  • These Stumps comes with small (microprocessors) chips installed inside them
  • Low voltage batteries
Cricket EventsCost of PurcePrice After Tax & Duties
Pakistan Super League$32,000$50,000
Indian Premier League$32,000$42,000
Big Bash League$32,000N/A (officially made in Australia)
NatWest T20 Blast$32,000$38,000 (air expense & duties)
Caribbean Cricket League$32,000$45,000
ICC International Tournaments$32,000$50k (depends on country hosting ICC events)

Complete information taken from trusted sources, if there will be changes to cost of Led stumps and bails, details regarding to it updated here later.

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