IPL Teams With Most Social Media Fan Following | How These T20 Franchise Connect With Their Fans Through Social Media?

IPL Teams Social Following

Indian Premier League is no doubt, one of the most expensive and popular cricket league all across the globe. Big names from all corners of the globe participate in it and showcase their talent. Moreover, extensive branding, endorsements and ludicrous broadcasting deal has put immense money in this league. That’s why, it is one of the most highly rated tournament among all sports. Fans support their favorites teams in and outside the stadiums which add more flavor to it. Here are the complete details about the top 10 IPL teams with most social media fan following across different social platforms.

IPL Cricket Teams With Most Social Media Fan Following

1 – Chennai Super Kings: 36 Millions

  • Instagram: 11.4 Millions
  • Facebook: 12 Millions
  • Twitter: 9.4 Millions
  • YouTube: 2.78 Millions
  • TikTok: 431.9k

Under the captaincy of Ms Dhoni, Chennai Super Kings performed as the most consistent team of IPL history. Even facing the ban for two seasons, CSK still lifted the trophy on 4 occasions and also finished as runner ups in 5 seasons. This makes them one of the most popular IPL franchise on social media handles which is collectively having the fan base of 36 millions. CSK is looking good for the upcoming season and have eyes on grabbing another title.

2 – Mumbai Indians: 35.6 Millions

  • Instagram: 11.6 Millions
  • Facebook: 13 Millions
  • Twitter: 8 Millions
  • YouTube: 2.87 Millions
  • TikTok: 206.5k

The team with most number of IPL trophies is present at number 2 in the list of IPL teams with most social media fan following having the total fan base of 35.6 millions on different social media handles. Having 5 titles on their card, Mumbai Indians is currently captained by Rohit Sharma who is also the leading run scorer for the franchise. On Facebook, a total of 13 million fans have followed the official page of team while Instagram account has 11.6 million followers.

3 – Royal Challengers Bangalore: 29.7 Millions

  • Instagram: 10.3 Millions
  • Facebook: 9.4 Millions
  • Twitter: 6.5 Millions
  • YouTube: 3.5 Millions
  • TikTok: N/A

Royal Challenger Bangalore is best famous for the duo of Virat Kohli and AB De Villiers. Thus, they gathered 29.7 millions fans on social media platforms. RCB is one of the most valuable team of Indian Premier League. They have made their way to the finals three times but failed to lift the trophy in each of them. However, they are always on top in signing big names from Shane Watson to Chris Gayle and Mitchell Starc. RCB is present at number 3 in this rundown.

4 – Kolkata Knight Riders: 26.2 Millions

  • Instagram: 3.6 Millions
  • Facebook: 16.2 Millions
  • Twitter: 5.2 Millions
  • YouTube: 1.2 Millions
  • TikTok: 18.6k

Owned by Bollywood’s one of most famous celebrity Shah Rukh Khan, Kolkata Knight Riders never failed to produce good show in any season of Indian Premier League. Also they became the champions two times back in the year 2012 and 2014. The last best performance of franchise came in 2021 where they ended as runner ups. With 26.2 millions fans on social media, KKR is present at number 4 in this list. All this results due to massive branding and marketing sponsorships deals of the team.

5 – Delhi Capitals: 15.2 Millions

  • Instagram: 3.5 Millions
  • Facebook: 8.3 Millions
  • Twitter: 2.5 Millions
  • YouTube: 775k
  • TikTok: 131.4k

Formerly called Delhi Daredevils, the franchise is best known for always making a strong squad. However, the luck didn’t support them much as they failed to grab any title. In 2020, they ended as runner ups and faced defeat against Mumbai Indians for the 4th time in the same season. However, they is no depletion in the popularity of franchise as they are now 5th in this rundown. Combining the numbers from all social media handles, Delhi Capitals have the fan base of 15.2 Millions.

6 – Punjab Kings: 14.6 Millions

  • Instagram: 2.8 Millions
  • Facebook: 8.4 Millions
  • Twitter: 2.9 Millions
  • YouTube: 467k
  • TikTok: N/A

Formerly famous for the name of Kings XI Punjab, the team is owned Bollywood actress Preity Zinta alongside with many other big names. Despite having strong squad in every season, the team qualified for the second round of tournament only twice since the inaugural edition in 2008. In 2014, they were the runner ups. However, the team is always favorite of Punjabis and has fan base of 14.6 millions.

7 – Sunrisers Hyderabad: 13.4 Millions

  • Instagram: 3 Millions
  • Facebook: 6.2 Millions
  • Twitter: 3.1 Millions
  • YouTube: 773k
  • TikTok: 408.4k

The winner of 2016 edition of Indian Premier League have 13.4 millions followers on social media and are present at number 7 in the rundown of IPL teams with most social media fan following. They entered IPL in the year 2013 and just after 3 years, picked the trophy by defeating Royal Challengers Bangalore in the final. The team is currently not performing good which resulted decline in marketing and branding.

8 – Rajasthan Royals: 11.3 Millions

  • Instagram: 2.9 Millions
  • Facebook: 5 Millions
  • Twitter: 2.6 Millions
  • YouTube: 664k
  • TikTok: 113k

Rajasthan Royals is always one of the strongest team of Indian Premier League history. Having won the inaugural season in 2008, the team has made their ways to the finals for the second time in 2022 where they failed to become the champions. Rajasthan also faced ban of two years but this haven’t affected their social media fan following much. Currently, they have 11.3 million followers across all social media platforms.

9 – Gujarat Titans: 3.4 Million

  • Instagram: 2.2 Millions
  • Facebook: 528k
  • Twitter: 437.6k
  • YouTube: 291k
  • TikTok: N/A

Founded in 2021, the team participated in Indian Premier League for the first time in 2022 under the captaincy of Hardik Pandya where they went on winning the title. In a single year, the franchise has gathered the total of 3.4 millions loyal fans across different social media platforms with most coming from Instagram which is 2.2 millions. Thus, they are present at number 9 in the list of IPL teams with most social media fan following.

10 – Lucknow Super Giants: 3.1 Millions

  • Instagram: 1.8 Millions
  • Facebook: 416k
  • Twitter: 769.2k
  • YouTube: 63.2k
  • TikTok: 431.9k

Lucknow Super Giants is also an extension team in Indian Premier League and featured for the first time in 2022 season. Kl Rahul is the current captain of the franchise. They finished the 2022 season in playoffs and also stood 3rd at league stage. Despite spending only one season, Lucknow has gathered 3.1 millions fan following on social media and the number is still increasing at a rapid pace.

Chennai Super Kings11.4 Millions12 Millions9.4 Millions2.78 Millions431.9k36 Millions
Mumbai Indians11.6 Millions13 Millions8 Millions2.87 Millions206.5k35.6 Millions
Royal Challengers Bangalore10.3 Millions9.4 Millions6.5 Millions3.5 MillionsN/A29.7 Millions
Kolkata Knight Riders3.6 Millions16.2 Millions5.2 Millions1.2 Millions18.6k26.2 Millions
Delhi Capitals3.5 Millions8.3 Millions2.5 Millions775k131.4k15.2 Millions
Punjab Kings2.8 Millions8.4 Millions2.9 Millions467kN/A14.6 Millions
Sunrisers Hyderabad3 Millions6.2 Millions3.1 Millions773k408.4k13.4 Millions
Rajasthan Royals2.9 Millions5 Millions2.6 Millions664k113k11.3 Millions
Gujarat Titans2.2 Millions528k437.6k291kN/A3.4 Millions
Lucknow Super Giants1.8 Millions416k769.2k63.2kN/A3.1 Millions

All these are the details about the IPL teams with most social media fan following. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!