IPL 2022 Prize Money: How Much Each IPL Team Will Earn In 2022 Season

Indian Premier League has become the most watched domestic T20 competition in the world and that too by a fair margin. That also means BCCI and IPL generate massive revenues both in TV money and gate receipts and we take a look at how IPL money is distributed among teams every year.

Indian Premier League purse fund Pool: IPL have some extensive TV rights both in India and oversees market and that is the biggest slice of revenue coming in IPL. From this TV money a fund is allocated every year which is distributed among teams how they finish by end of each IPL season. IPL prize money 2022 will be increased after the two new teams included in the 2022 season.

There are two prize money funds every year.

1). is normal prize money 50 crore indian rupee which goes to players

2). Prize money for league standing 25 crore indian rupee which goes to franchises.


IPL confirmed that there won’t be any change in normal prize purse pool of IPL. A total of Rs. 50 crore to be distributed among top four teams of IPL 2020 season. This prize money pool goes exclusively to players and staff of the franchises.

Below is the official breakdown of IPL prize money for 2020 season.

IPL WINNERSRS. 20 crore$6 million
RUNNERS-UPRS. 12.5 crore$3.4 million
3RD PLACE TEAMRS. 8.25 crore$2.45 million
4TH PLACE TEAMRS. 8.25 crore$2.45 million
IPL League Standing Money:

Like we mentioned before this is second pot of prize money pool which is rarely quoted in media and most fans dont know about it. IPL started giving out slice of the TV revenue to participating teams every year to make sure TV money is shared all around. From 2014 to 2019 it was same like normal prize money pool with Rs. 50 crore distributed as league standing fund however in 2020 IPL announced it will half this pot due to pandemic and corona virus issues. Indian Premier League winners share increased is almost more compare to PSL prize money.

Here is how IPL League standing money is distributed.

Champions RS. 10 crore ($2.9m)
Runners-upRS. 6.25 crore ($1.7m)
Playoff losing team 1RS. 4.25 crore ($1.2m)
Playoff losing team 2RS. 4.25 crore ($1.2m)
This prize money pool is exclusively for Franchises and players dont get any slice of it.

However, prize money is smaller chunk of money coming Franchise way at the end of each IPL season. They bigger slice of share comes in with the equally distributed TV money share which is around 5% for each team from the total tv money generated via domestic and international deals that counts to around ₹26.5 crores each team (5% of total media rights of ₹440 crores).

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Apart from media rights, IPL franchise also share gate receipts revenue with IPL/BCCI but they also have to pay 10% of the total franchise value every season to BCCI.

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