Pakistan Team Kit for ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

The zeal and enthusiasm of Pakistani fans to cheer Pakistani team is beyond imagination. As the World Cup tournament is approaching and teams are all set to take play in the large stadium of India.  Fans are impatient to shake their heads and dance to the beats of Pakistani songs for the biggest cricket tournament in history.

Former ODI Champions

The former ODI champions and the legends of cricket confirmed their participation in the upcoming Cricket World Cup 2023.  Pakistani team crowned the title of the World Cup in 1992 while the team first appeared in the World Cup in 1975.  Furthermore, the new kit solidifies the passion of fans for their beloved land.

Pakistan Kit/Jersey ICC World Cup 2023

The Pakistan Cricket Board has strived hard to create a kit that not only embodies the spirit of the team but also captures the attention of fans worldwide. The impressive design, combined with the display of logos adds a unique touch to it. The designers have put all their efforts to double the patriotic spirit of Pakistani fans. Moreover, the colour scheme enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the kit.

Pakistan kit design

The Striking Design

Recently PCB unveiled the ODI World Cup 2023 kit which is truly remarkable and exquisitely designed. The shirts possess a unique mix of green and a hint of yellow to capture the attention. The combination of different shades of green further adds to the charm of the jerseys.

The right side of the chest prominently displays the logo of Pakistan Cricket Team, representing their identity and national pride. Simultaneously, the left side proudly displays the Official Logo of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, symbolizing their participation in this prestigious tournament. Furthermore, both sides of the shirt are adorned with various sponsors’ names. The name of sponsors are added to show their extended support for Pakistan Cricket Team.

ICC kit for Pakistan

To complement the shirts the trousers are designed in a simple way. The trousers have dark green color in combination with the shirts. The right side of the trouser displays Pakistan’s national flag while on the side official sponsor’s logo “Pepsi” is imprinted on it. The biggest sponsors play a crucial role in the team’s journey, contributing to their success and providing invaluable resources.

Fans Enthusiasm for the World Cup 2023

As the Pakistan Cricket Team gears up for the ODI World Cup 2023, fans are ready to see their team excel on the cricket field.   Fans who wear green jerseys to support the man in green further strengthen the courage of the overall team. Their support not only unifies the players but also establishes a connection with the team that shows their unwavering support throughout the tournament.

Pakistan among the Top World Cup teams

Pakistani team ranks among the top teams that show their competitive spirit and cricket prowess in CWC. They are also among the pioneer participants in the Cricket ODI World Cup. Furthermore, the powerful team is considered as one of the toughest teams to play with.