Scotland Squad for World Cup 2023 Qualifiers

The Scotland Squad for World Cup 2023 Qualifiers is the talk of the town. The selection process for the team has been publicized and is now in the hands of the head coach and Sports in Scotland. With a great potential of becoming the cricket powerhouse in the tournament, the team is eagerly waiting for the selection process to get over to unleash their performance to the world.

From 18th of June to 9th of July, all the qualifiers matches will take place in Zimbabwe. And Scotland has already named its squad of 15 members for the World Cup 2023. Let’s dive to learn more about the Scotland Squad.

Team Captain– Richie Berrington

The team captain of the Scotland Cricket Squad for the World Cup 2023 Qualifiers is Richie Berrington. With an experience of several years in the national team, he has a good track record of performances in the international circuit.

Richie is a dependable batswoman whose formidable batting abilities have seen his make centuries in several important tournaments and ODI matches. His leadership qualities are also well-known and are expected to prove invaluable when facing tough opposition.

Scottish Cricket Team Coach

The Cricket team coach for the Scotland National Cricket team for World Cup 2023 Qualifiers is Doug Watson. With over two decades of experience in the game, he has managed various successful cricket teams across the globe.

Doug Watson’s knowledge of the game is unrivaled and his innovative style of coaching is expected to bring out the best in the players. His attitude is highly commendable and his players are all expected to benefit from his experience and expertise.

Scotland Cricket Team Squad

Given table consists of the Scotland Squad for the World Cup 2023

NameAgeBatting StyleBowling StyleFormsS/NLast ODILast ODI
Richie Berrington36Right-HandedRight-Arm medium-fastODI, T20I4420222022
Dylan Budge27Right-HandedRight-Arm mediumODI1720222021
Michael Jones25Right-HandedRight-Arm off breakT20I4920222022
Cristopher McBridge23Right-HandedRight-Arm mediumODI1220222022
George Munsey30Left-HandedRight-Arm medium-fastODI, T20I9320222022
Michael Leask32Right-HandedRight-Arm leg- breakODI, T20I2920222022
Chris Greaves32Right-HandedRight-Arm off breakODI, T20I1320222022
Brandon MCmullen23Right-HandedRight-Arm MediumODI, T20I212022
Spin Bowlers
Mark Watt26Left-HandedSlow left-arm orthodoxODI, T20I5120222022
Hamza Tahir27Right-HandedSlow left-arm orthodoxODI, T20I3220222022
Pace Bowlers
Chris Sole29Right-HandedRight-arm mediumODI, T20I7120222022
Safyaan Sharif32Right-HandedRight-arm medium-fastODI, T20I5020222022
Andrian Neill29Right-HandedRight-arm medium-fastODI720222019
Wicket Keepers
Matthew Cross30Right-HandedLeft-Arm orthodox spinODI, T20I920222022
Craig Wallace32Right-HandedT20I1820222021
Tomas Mackintosh20Right-HandedLeft-Arm orthodox spinODI

Possible lineup for the World Cup

The Scotland Squad is expected to field a strong team for the World Cup Qualifiers in 2023. The possible lineup may look like below:

Scotland Squad and possible lineup

History of Scotland at the Cricket World Cup

Scotland has competed in various World Cup tournaments in the past decades, including the 2015 Mens World Cup and the 2019 Mens World Cup. The Scottish Squad was successful in the 2015 tournament, where they reached the Super 8. The team also had a good run in the 2017 Women’s World Cup, reaching the Round of 16 stage. The 2019 tournament was a great success for Scotland as they reached the Super 12 stage and ended up finishing 5th overall.

The Scotland squad for the World Cup 2023 Qualifiers is eagerly awaited and expected to be competitive against some of the best teams in the world. Led by Richie Berrington, the team is expected to perform at an optimum level under the guidance of experienced coaches like Doug Watson and Grant Bradburn. With key players from past World Cup tournaments, Scotland has a solid platform to make a strong showing in the tournament.