USA Squad for World Cup 2023 Qualifiers

With the World Cup 2023 qualifiers inching closer, the United States of America team is anxious and excited at the same time. The USA team has a rich cricket history, with American championships won in almost every category of cricket. With the squad now assembled, they are in a dreamy mood of confidence of conquering the upcoming tournament. Here, we give a breakdown of how the USA squad appears on the international stage for the upcoming World Cup 2023.

Team Captain – Monank Patel

Monank Patel is an Indian-born American cricketer and he will lead the USA cricket team in the upcoming World Cup qualifiers. The 30-year-old cricketer has proven himself to be a leader in the current team, and his presence is sure to provide the much-needed boost for the tournament.

USA Team Captain

Monank Patel has been playing for the USA since the year 2009, making a total of 19 international appearances so far, and scoring more than 1700 runs in them. A tough fighter who can bat long hours, Monank Patel is one of the best all-rounders in the current United States team.

Cricket Team Coach – J. Arunkumar

The USA cricket team’s success in the World Cup qualifiers highly depends on their coach Monty. He is a former player himself, having played for the USA team in numerous matches in the past. He commands the respect of the players and sees himself as part of the team.

USA Team Coach

Arunkumar has extensive experience in the field of cricket and has coached some of the finest American players in the past. A firm believer in sportsmanship, He is known for his ahead-of-the-game techniques and great skills to form highly effective match strategies.

USA Cricket Team Squad

The USA cricket team squad consists of Monank Patel (c), Aaron Jones (vc), Abhishek Paradkar, Ali Khan, Gajanand Singh, Jasdeep Singh, Kyle Philip, Nisarg Patel, Nostush Kenjige, Saiteja Mukkamalla, Saurabh Netravalkar, Shayan Jahangir, Steven Taylor, Sushant Modani, Usman Rafiq. Let’s explore more in detail about every member of the squad.

NameAgeBatting StyleBowling StyleLast ODI
Monank Patel35Right-Handed2023
Aaron Jones28Right-HandedRight-arm leg spin medium2023
Abhishek Paradkar23Left-HandedLeft-arm medium2023
Ali Khan31Right-HandedRight-arm medium2023
Gajanand Singh35Left-HandedLeft-arm medium2023
Jasdeep Singh27Right-HandedRight-arm fast-medium2023
Kyle Philip26Right-HandedRight-arm fast-medium2022
Nisarg Patel29Right-HandedRight-arm off-spin2023
Nostush Kenjige37Left-HandedRight-arm off-spin2023
Saiteja Mukkamalla19Right-HandedRight-arm off-spin2023
Saurabh Netravalkar31Right-HandedLeft-arm medium2023
Shayan Jahangir28Right-Handed2023
Steven Taylor29Left-HandedRight-arm off-spin2023
Sushant Modani35Right-HandedRight-arm off-spin2023
Usman Rafiq34Right-HandedRight-arm off-spin2018

The Possible Lineup for the World Cup

The upcoming World Cup 2023 tournament is sure to be an interesting one, and the USA team’s lineup is capable of making an impact in this tournament. Monank Patel will lead the USA team squad for World Cup, while Aaron Jones will serve as vice-captain. Saurabh Netravalkar and Ali Khan will form the fast-bowling attack. Nisarg Patel and Abhishek Paradkar will lead the spin bowling attack. Kyle Philip, Gajanand Singh, and Sushant Modani will be crucial in the middle order, while Nostush Kenjige, Steven Taylor, and Shayan Jahangir will add experience and stability to the team. Finally, Usman Rafiq and Jasdeep Singh will bring power and stability to the lineup.

Here is the table for the expected lineup of USA Squad for the World Cup 2023

USA Squad for World Cup 2023

Which players from the current team squad played in previous World Cup Tournaments?

The USA team has been in existence since 2007 and has taken part in five cricket world cup tournaments so far. The current squad boasts some of the same players from these previous tournaments. Monank Patel, Aaron Jones, Ali Khan, Gajanand Singh, Nisarg Patel, and Steven Taylor have all represented the USA before in the cricket World Cup.

History of the USA at the Cricket World Cup

The United States has taken part in five Cricket World Cups 2007, 2011, 2015, 2019, and 2023. The USA team has been able to make it to the second round in the 2007 and 2011 world cups. The 2015 edition saw the USA eliminated in the group stages itself. However, in the 2019 edition, the USA managed to reach the quarter-finals, where they were eventually knocked out. They were unable to qualify for the 2021 world cup. Now the USA team is looking to make a strong comeback and has high hopes of a successful run at the 2023 world cup.

It’s not going to be easy for the USA cricket team in the upcoming World Cup qualifiers. However, with a strong lineup, a capable leader and coach, and a team full of experienced players, the USA is definitely a squad to keep an eye on. The USA Squad for World Cup is raring to make its mark on the ground and this could be their opportunity to do just that.