How to Watch ICC Cricket World Cup in Bangladesh

After the announcement by ICC that Cricket World Cup will be held in India, fans are going ballistic following the matches and collecting broadcast information. The championship will be held in India during October and November. 10 teams will come face to face to claim victory and take the ICC Cricket World Cup trophy home. 

ICC Cricket World Cup broadcasters in Bangladesh

Ghazi TV

Ghazi TV also known as GTV is a Digital Cable Television Channel owned by Gazi Satellite Television Limited in Bangladesh. It offers various entertainment programs such as news, movies, sports, and talk shows. It is available on cable, satellite, and IPTV networks. Bangladeshi cricket fans can watch the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 live on Ghazi Tv for free as it has the rights to live telecast cricket matches. 


Rabbithole is a streaming platform that allows its subscribers to watch cricket and football matches live. Cricket fans will be able to live stream the Cricket World Cup if they are subscribed to Rabbithole.

ICC Cricket World Cup Format

ICC Cricket World Cup comprises of two stages:

  • Super 10 (Group Stage)
  • Knockout stage

Super 10

Super 10 is the first stage of the ICC Cricket World Cup and consists of 10 teams. At the moment 8 out of the 10 teams have qualified and the remaining two teams will be qualified through World Cup 2023 Qualifiers. The 8 teams that have qualified for the World Cup are:

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Afghanistan 
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • England
OctSuper 101st Match
OctSuper 102nd Match
OctSuper 103rd Match
OctSuper 104th Match
OctSuper 105th Match
OctSuper 106th Match
OctSuper 107th Match
OctSuper 108th Match
OctSuper 109th Match
OctSuper 1010th Match
OctSuper 1011th Match
OctSuper 1012th Match
OctSuper 1013th Match
OctSuper 1014th Match
OctSuper 1015th Match
OctSuper 1016th Match
OctSuper 1017th Match
OctSuper 1018th Match
OctSuper 1019th Match
OctSuper 1020th Match
OctSuper 1021st Match
OctSuper 1022nd Match
OctSuper 1023rd Match
OctSuper 1024th Match
OctSuper 1025th Match
OctSuper 1026th Match
OctSuper 1027th Match
OctSuper 1028th Match
OctSuper 1029th Match
OctSuper 1030th Match
OctSuper 1031st Match
 NovSuper 1032nd Match
NovSuper 1033rd Match
NovSuper 1034th Match
NovSuper 1035th Match
NovSuper 1036th Match
NovSuper 1037th Match
NovSuper 1038th Match
NovSuper 1039th Match
NovSuper 1040th Match
NovSuper 1041st Match
NovSuper 1042nd Match

Knockout Stage

Knockout stage is the last stage of ICC Cricket World Cup and in this stage 4 qualifying teams will compete till the final match. 

NovFirst semi-final
NovSecond semi-final