Daniel Ricciardo Salary | Contract Deal Worth $25 Million Until 2023

Daniel Ricciardo salary for formula 1 2021 saw a dip. Racers earned around $17 million as a base salary from McLaren in 2020.

However, situations never remain the same. His season with Mclaren was not the best season either for the team or player. His teammate Lando Norris has outshined on the track.

Below are the details of his contract with McLaren.

Daniel Ricciardo- $10 million a year

F1 TeamMcLaren
Current ContractUntil 2023
Net worth$50 million.
SponsorsGo Pro, Blue Coast, Puma
Last contract worth$25 million
  1. Curren contract with Mclaren
    Daniel Ricciardo joined McLaren from Reanult for 2 years by taking a pay cut from his $25 million a year deal. His initial contract was worth of $17 million a year. However, seeings his form, he now only get paid $10 million a year.
  2. Daniel Ricciardo short F1 career history
    He started his F1 career in 2011 from British grand prix. So far, he never won any championship title. His first win came in 2014 at Canadian Grand prix. His last year position was 5th with 119 points.
  3. Sponsership and Endoresment deals
    With the brands like Go Pro, Blue Coast, Puma and many others, Daniel Ricciardo earned $7 million from these deals. Daniel Ricciardo Salary will worth around $17 million after adding sponsership deals.

Moreover, Formula One prize money distribution list has been updated including the F1 driver’s salaries list.

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