10 Interesting Facts About F1 Monaco Grand Prix (Oldest F1 Race)

Ten Amusing Facts About Monaco Grand Prix

Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix is starting tomorrow, 27th May. The final race will be on 29th May 2022. Fans eagerly waiting for what will happen in the race. Either Versteppen increasing his lead or Charles will take his position back from him. However, Tracks of Monaco surely went in favor of Ferrari’s car. But the rest will be clear after tomorrow’s first practice session. Until the race, Let’s check 10 interesting Facts about Monaco Grand Prix.

10 interesting Facts About Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco GP is one of the oldest races in Formula 1 history and is most anticipated each year. Monaco is one of four current circuits that were part of the first World Championship season in 1950. The race has been going strong since 1929. Monaco GP attracts the world’s most prestigious drivers and most glamorous spectators to the tiny principality. Here are 10 interesting Facts About Monaco Grand Prixagna GP.

10). Mediterranean crashes

Quite surprisingly, only two cars have ever ended up in the Mediterranean from a Monaco Grand Prix. Alberto Ascari and Paul Hawkins were the two drivers who had their backs to the race track as they crashed into the sea.

9). Oldest Formula One competitor

The oldest F1 driver to race in the Monaco Grand Prix was incidentally a Monegasque racer name Louis Chiron. The driver was 55 years old when he raced in Monaco GP at the age of 1955.

8). Ayrton Senna

Senna is the current record holder for a number of Monaco Grand Prix wins. He holds the record for most wins at Monaco with six, including five consecutive victories between 1989-1993. Meanwhile, Graham Hill and Michael Schumacher have bagged five each.

7). Slowest corner

The Monaco Grand Prix circuit boasts the slowest corner in F1. Compared to all Grand Prix tracks, Monaco GP turns six and is recorded as the slowest corner. The Lowes hairpin is the slowest corner on the F1 calendar, taken at just 48km/h.

6). Safety rails

Each year, 33 km of safety rails are erected. This is on top of 3600 tires for tire barriers and 20,000 square meters of wire catch fencing. This happens when a city into a full-fledged race circuit.

5). Two months of setting up

The Monaco Grand Prix requires around six weeks to set up the track before the race and three weeks to remove it afterward.

4). Shortest Grand Prix track

In this year’s Formula 1 Grand Prix Calander, Monaco GP has the shortest track. The track length is a mere 3.340 Km. Circuit de Monaco was famously described by Nelson Piquet as like “riding a bicycle around your living room.” However, it makes up for this in a number of laps. As Monaco GP has 78 laps, which is the most of any circuit.

3). Same Circuit

The Monaco Grand Prix is unique in itself. It is unique in the way that each race has been held on the same circuit. Yes, every race since 1929 has been held on the same track on “the streets of the principality” for years. The only other similar circuit is the Italian Grand Prix at Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

2). Thursday practice day

Unlike other Grand Prix, the practice day for the race is held the Thursday before the event instead of Friday. This is so the streets can be open and functioning again on Friday.

1). Triple Crown of Motorsport

The Monaco Grand Prix is part of the Triple Crown of Motorsport achievement. Along with the Indianapolis 500 and 24 Hours of Le Mans, it is one of the world’s three most prestigious motor races that a driver can hope to win in their career.  Just one driver, Graham Hill, has managed to achieve the Triple Crown to date.

Bonus facts:

  • McLaren is the team who has won the most Monaco Grand Prix races.
  • Jim Clark took pole at Monaco four times, yet never claimed victory at the track.
  • Monaco is the only race on the current F1 calendar that does not have to pay a yearly sanctioning fee to the owners of Formula 1.
  • For the ten seasons between 1984-1993, Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna were the only drivers to win the Monaco Grand Prix.
  • 82 different drivers have stood on the Monaco Grand Prix podium over the past seventy years. Ayrton Senna took the most top-three finishes, eight in total.