Interesting Facts About Saudi Arabian Grand Prix


After Bahrain hosted the Inaugural race of the new season, Saudi Arabia is next in line to host the event. The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix is going to take place at Jaddah Corniche Circuit. The race coverage starts on 25th March with practice sessions followed by qualifying on Saturday and the big race on Sunday. It will be the second time Saudia host a Grand Prix race. Let’s check 10 interesting Facts about Saudi Arabian GP.

10 Intresting Facts About Saudi Arabian GP

from the fastest Circuit of this calendar year to rosewater spray on the podium, here are the Interesting Facts About Saudi Arabian GP. The race is held at night, avoiding the high 35oC daytime temperatures in Jeddah.

1). First ever Race

Formula 1 made its first visit to Saudi Arabia for the penultimate round of the 2021 season. Taking place on the 6.175km Jeddah Corniche Circuit, last year’s race was a highly dramatic affair

2). Night Race

Last season, It was the fifth full-night race title on the Formula One calendar. It happened due to the hot climate of Saudia Arabia.

3). Rosewater Spray

instead of spraying Alcohol after winning the race, the Driver usually sprayed rose water. The reason is Formula 1 teams are not allowed to display the logos of alcohol sponsors on their cars at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. The top three drivers spray a non-alcoholic rosewater drink called Waard during the podium celebrations instead of the traditional champagne.

4). Fastest lap

Jaddah Corniche Circuit consists of 50 laps which are 6.174 km. The fastest lap speed was 1:30.734 covered by none other than Lewis Hamilton.

5) Only One Constructor won the race

So far, Mercedes is the only constructor to win the race. That happened in 2021 after Lewis Hamilton won the race ahead of Red Bull Max Verstappen.

6). Construction

The circuit was designed by Carsten Tilke, son of Hermann Tilke – the designer of the most recent additions to the Formula 1 calendar. Construction of the circuit was run to tight deadlines, with some fearing that the track would not be ready in time for the scheduled race date. The final asphalt layering process was complete just weeks before the inaugural race.

7). Most successful drivers

The inaugural edition of the race was held in Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia in 2021. Lewis Hamilton is the only racer to win the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. with the victory at Saudia Arabia GP, Hamilton won on the 31st different circuit of his F1 career.

8). Fastest and Longest Circuit

The Jaddah city track is the fastest street circuit on which F1 has ever raced. Top speeds at Jeddah Street Circuit reach 322km/h. The average speed of the circuit is over 250km/h. Jeddah Corniche Circuit is also the second-longest circuit on the calendar, behind only Spa-Francorchamps.

9). Saudia Arabia Host Dakar Rally

In 2020 and 2021, the Dakar Rally was held in Saudi Arabia. In 2021, the event started and finished in Jeddah, with the route taking competitors out through the desert and alongside the Red Sea. The 2022 Dakar Rally will also take place in Saudi Arabia, with the route beginning in Ḥaʼil.

10). 75th Venue of F1 GP

Jeddah Street Circuit was the 75th different venue to join the Formula 1 calendar. With the previous race marking F1’s first visit to Qatar, the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix was the first time that the sport visited two new countries in succession since the inaugural season in 1950.

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