Formula 1 Live Streams – Best Ways To Watch Every Grand Prix Online Via Official Sources

F1 has promised extensive coverage rights with over 200+ territories worldwide showing F1 season live. Unlike previous seasons, F1 has obliged each and every network to produce live feeds not only on TV but also live online. Which kind of opens up plenty of ways for you to enjoy F1 season on cheaper and sometime even free coverage via official sources.

How To Watch Formula 1 Live Streams Online Via official Sources:

Obviously in some parts of the world F1 coverage is expensive to say the least like in UK it will cost £22 a month with SkySports to watch every race live. While in US it will cost $15 a month with ESPN. What if we tell you that you access F1 live coverage via official sources at 10th of a price or even free ?

How you can use VPN to watch Free Formula 1 Live Streams:

Since every network around the world is obliged to produce live streams online or mobile devices. However these official streams are “Geoblocked” (means they can only be watched from the IP address of the country it has rights in.

But with a simple use of VPN, you can mask your IP address to the country of your choice and access geoblocked content with ease.

In Belgium (RTBF) and in Germany (ORF) has the rights for F1 2022 selected grand prixs. Both are free to air networks and they also produce live feeds of each race via their online portals. We guide you through how you can watch every Formula 1 race live online

Live Stream Bahrain F1 Grand Prix via RTBF:

  • Price: Free
  • Online Streams: RTBF Online portal
  • Coverage details: RTBF belgium TV network with F1 rights for Bahrain Grand Prix in Belgium. Coverage will be in French and will cover, Friday practice, saturday qualifying and the sunday’s race.
  • Get an VPN account (Cost around $5 a month)
  • Download VPN app on your device (PC or mobile).
  • Open the VPN app, connect to the Belgium server in the menu
  • Once connected to the Belgium IP address, visit RTBF online portal and click on “en direct” to access live streams of F1 Bahrain Grand Prix 1 hour before start of each session.

Watch Formula 1 Live Streams via ESPN+ (US Coverage)

  • Price: $10+
  • Online Streams: available on both ESPN website & Mobile app
  • Coverage Details: ESPN+ has exclusive rights of all Formula 1 2022 season and they will be showing number of race on ESPN, some on ABC. But every grand prix will have live coverage on their official website stream.
  • Get an VPN account
  • Connect to USA server via VPN app online PC or mobile.
  • Once connected to US server visit YoutubeTV or SlingTV and signup for a trial. Usually it cost $10 to $50 a month but trial is free.
  • Enjoy any F1 race via ESPN coverage

Watch SkySports F1 Live Streams via VPN Worldwide ?

  • Price: £22 per month
  • Online Streams: Available via SkySports website, NowTV and Sky streaming app for UK customers only.
  • Coverage Details: The best F1 coverage in the world is produced by SkySports and many international networks Broadcasting Formula 1 actually use SkySports coverage. Every grand prix live from Friday to Sunday with pre-race and post race shows.
  • Get an VPN account
  • Connect to any of the UK servers via VPN app.
  • Once connected to UK IP, visit Sky GO app. Login with your SkySports account details. and Enjoy best F1 coverage.

SkySports is only available for UK viewers so to sign up for Sky account you might need to provide postal address or UK debit/credit card.

How To Watch Channel 4 Live & Highlights of Formula 1 Coverage in 2022 Season ?

Channel4 use to have live coverage rights for several F1 races in the season. That is not the case anymore as Sky now have exclusive rights for every grand prix in the UK. However Channel4 still have extensive delayed coverage and highlights rights in the UK and that is a free-to-air channel.

You can use Channel4 to watch Formula 1 highlights of every grand prix throughout the 2022 season for free. Again Channel4 is free-to-air channel/online stream in the UK only so if you were to access Channel4 coverage outside UK you would need VPN.

Get an VPN account

Connect to UK server via VPN app.

Once connected to UK server just visit Channel4 website/app and there you will be able to watch highlights of all F1 grand prixs.

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