Lewis Hamilton F1 Contract & Salary (Revealed)

How much Lewis Hamilton Earns With His Mercedes F1 Contract & Other Sponsorship Deals

Sir Lewis Hamilton signed a massive contract extension with Mercedez in 2021 for further two-years worth $147 million which will take his stay with the team till the end of 2023 F1 season. Below his contract details with Mercedez and how much money he makes both on the track and off it

#1. Lewis Hamilton – $49 million a year

F1 TeamMercedes
Current Contract2021 to 2023
Yearly Salary$49 million a year
Net worth$120 million+
Yearly Sponsorship Earnings$15 million+
First Ever F1 ContractMcLaren (2007) worth $1 million a year

  1. Current Contract with Mercedes F1
    Hamilton signed an 2-year extension with Mercedes in July 2021 which will take his current contract with the team till the end of 2023. His yearly salary was increased and now he will be paid around $49 million a year till the end of his current deal.
  2. Lewis Hamilton’s Short F1 Career History:
    Hamiltonhas been with Mercedes for last 9 years and his first contract was signed back in 2013 and he went on to win 6 F1 titles with the team. Before that he was with McLaren where he spent 5 years from 2007 to 2012.
  3. Highest Paid Motorsport Driver/Athlete In The World:
    Hamilton is by far the highest paid athlete/driver in the world of motorsport. His current salay of $49 million a year dwarf that of any other F1 driver and other motorsport competitions.
  4. Sponsorships & Endorsement deals:
    Bose, Mercedes-Benz, Monster Energy, Police, Puma, Sony, Tommy Hilfiger, Vodafone-USD.
  1. Who is the highest paid Formula 1 driver ?

    Lewis Hamilton with $49 million a year contract with Mercedes.

  2. When did Lewis Hamilton signed his first professional contract

    2007 with McLaren F1 team.

  3. How many world titles Lewis Hamilton has won so far in his career ?

    7 world titles (6 with Mercedes and 1 with McLaren)

  4. What is current Net Worth of Lewis Hamilton ?

    Over £120 million ($160 million).

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