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Max Verstappen Salary


Max Verstappen signed Contract deal worth $126 million until 2023

Max Verstappen salary is surely going to see a hike, after contract renewal. Red Bull is not letting its star racer to depart this early. Max Verstappen signed a new three-year deal with Red bull till 2023.

Below are his contact details with Red Bull Racing-Honda & how much he will earn from additional bonuses.

Max Verstappen-$25 million a year

Age23 Years
F1 TeamRed Bull Racing-Honda
Current Contract2023
Yearly Salary$25 million
Yearly Sponsorship Earnings & Bonuses$17 million (Projected)
Year to Date Bonus$5 million

  1. Current Contract with Red Bull Racing-Honda
    Max Verstappen signed a 3 year contract extenshion with Red Bulls. Current contract deals is worth $25 million a year. In adition he will secure $5 million aswell finshing 3rd or 2nd
  2. Max Verstappen Short F1 career History:
    The F1 racer rise into fame in 2015 by becoming the youngest F1 racer. Despite his young age, He won the 2016 spanish Grand Prix in his first race with red bulls. Last season he finshed at third spot with 214 points. This year, hs is having a 8 points lead over Lewis Hamilton.
  3. Sponsership & Additional Bonuses deal:
    Max Verstappen earned $17 million additonal bonuses. At the age of 23, he’s an assest for Red Bull and edoresment companies.

Formula 1, star racer will be the second-highest earner after Lewis hamilton. Max Verstappen deal worth $25 million a year. However F1 racers have an additional clause that will earn him a good amount.

FAQs Regarding Max Verstappen Salary

Q. How much is Max Verstappen earning from Red Bulls?

A. His current contract value is $25 million per year.

Q. Did Max Verstappen ever win Formula 1?

A. No, he came 3rd with 214 points.

Q. How much is Lewis Hamilton’s contract worth?

A. Lewis Hamilton has the highest F1 contract and salary. His contract is worth $49 million.

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