Most Expensive F1 Grand Prix Races To Attend In 2023

Formula One is the most prestigious racing event across the globe and has no match due to its exceptional racing quality and star power. Although NASCAR and IndyCar Racing has made their way to get on to the top. But, F1 has not allowed them to get near to them. However, it’s not easy to watch the Formula One races live as they will make a big hole in your pocket. Here are the complete details about the most expensive F1 grand prix.

Expensive F1 Grand Prix

Most Expensive F1 Grand Prix

Formula One is currently one of the most marketable sport along with football and basketball, having expensive TV broadcasting deals and endorsements. Moreover, the revenue from the tickets sales also play a crucial role to generate the revenue. But some races can make it difficult to watch them live in the grandstands. Here are the most expensive F1 grand prix.

5 – Australian Grand Prix

Australian Grand Prix is at number 5 in the list of most expensive F1 grand prix. Albert Park Circuit, Melbourne host this grand racing event. The event is under the contract of Formula One and held annually. Thus, fans from all across the globe come to watch the thrilling races in the cold weather of country. However, it costs heavy to your pockets. The average grandstand ticket will cost $176. While the other expenses including the $1,637 for 2 days hotel stay and $87 for 6 meals will take the total expense up to $1,900.

4 – United States Grand Prix

Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas hosts this prestigious grand prix competition and the overall cost to stay for 2 days to watch the race live in the grandstand will be $2,392. Overall 6 meals will cost $90 while the 2 days hotel stay further cost $2,067. Moreover, the ticket price for the race is $235. Before 2012, the competition held at different locations and venues. Now, Circuit Of The Americas is the permanent host for the competition and it held each year.

3 – Belgian Grand Prix

Belgian Grand Prix is at number 3 in the list of most expensive grand prix races as the total cost for watching the race live in the stadium will be $2,752. Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Stavelot is the host of this race. The grandstand ticket cost $180 while the hotel stay will add the expense of $2,479. The Belgian Grand Prix is famous for its unpredictable weather and thus it is one of the reason, people love to go here as the competition becomes fiery in the rainy weather.

2 – Monaco Grand Prix

Circuit de Monaco, Monaco features the most expensive grandstand ticket price among all the other F1 races, which is $700. $1,817 is the cost to stay in the hotel for 2 days. The 6 meals will further create the burden of $333 on the pocket, increasing the overall cost up to $2,850. For its thrilling races and long history, Monaco Grand Prix is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious car racing event in the world.

1 – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is on the top in the list of the most expensive F1 grand prix as it will create the hole in your pocket to leak $3,670 to watch the race weekend. Abu Dhabi racing track received much popularity worldwide as its is the most expensive F1 track which is constructed after spending the cost of $1.322 billion. The grandstand ticket will cost just $370 and the meal cost will be mere $40 for 6 times. The biggest spending is hotel stay that will cost whopping $3,260.

Most Expensive F1 Grand Prix

#No.F1 Grand PrixGrandstand Ticket2 Days Hotel6 MealsTotal Expense
1Abu Dhabi Grand Prix$370$3,260$40$3,670
2Monaco Grand Prix$700$1,817$333$2,850
3Belgian Grand Prix$180$2,479$93$2,752
4United States Grand Prix$235$2,067$90$2,392
5Australian Grand Prix$176$1,637$87$1,900
6Miami Grand Prix$640$853$94$1,587
7Canadian Grand Prix$204$1,257$85$1,546
8Hungarian Grand Prix$127$1,266$43$1,436
9British Grand Prix$390$734$108$1,232
10Dutch Grand Prix$320$556$99$975
11Italian Grand Prix$260$577$99$936
12Spanish Grand Prix$241$494$78$813
13Emilia Romagna Grand Prix$260$440$96$796
14Singapore Grand Prix$330$364$66$760
15French Grand Prix$260$366$84$710
16Saudi Arabian Grand Prix$297$329$39$665
17Austrian Grand Prix$231$274$79$584
18Mexico City Grand Prix$234$303$43$580
19Japanese Grand Prix$238$262$25$525
20Azerbaijan Grand Prix$135$354$28$517
21Bahrain Grand Prix$169$224$32$425
22Sao Paulo Grand Prix$171$154$41$366

All these are the details about the most expensive F1 Grand Prix. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is on the top as the hotel rent cost $3,260 just for 2 days. If there is any change in the details, we will make them available here. F1 track build cost is also available. Stay tuned for more information!