Sergio Perez Deal With Red Bull Until 2022 | Contract Worth $20 Million Including Bonuses

Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez

Age: 32
Country: Mexico
F1 Team: Red Bull Racing-Honda

Sergio Perez’s first entry in grand pix came in 2011. However, his first single grand Prix win came at the 2020 Sakhi Grand Prix.

Details of Sergio Perez Salary are reported below.

Current Contract with Red Bull Racing-Honda

Sergio Perez signed a 2-year contract deal with Red Bulls. He replaced Alex Albon – who was demoted to the role of reserve and test driver.

Sergio Perez’s current contract deals are worth $6.5 million a year. In addition to his base salary, He collects $5.5 million in the year to Date Bonus.

Have a look at the Sergio Perez Salary numbers:

F1 TeamRed Bull Racing-Honda
Current ContractSigned 1-year deal to remain at Red Bull till the 2022 season.
Yearly Salary$6.5 million
Yearly Sponsorship Earnings & Bonuses$13 million (Projected)
Year to Date Bonus$5.5 million
Total 2021 On-Track Earnings$19. 5M

2021 was his first F1 season with RedBulls. He joined the team after two seasons of racing with Aston Martin. He combined with Max Verstappen to push Red Bull in front of seven-time defending champion Mercedes in the constructor standings.

Sergio Perez Short F1 Career History

Sergio Perez was a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy until 2012. He made his Formula One debut driving for Sauber during the 2011 season. He took his first Formula One podium at the 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix with Sauber.

Due to his young age and performance, he was referred to as “The Mexican Wunderkind”. Pérez joined McLaren for the 2013 season, but the team did not score a single podium finish.

In his F1 career, he didn’t win any championships. He won 2 Grand Prix events. In 2021, his final position was 4th with 190 points.

Sponsership & Additional Bonuses deal

Sergio Perez earned $13 million additional bonuses. He earned this amount through advertisements and endorsements. At the age of 32, he’s a reliable asset for Red Bull and endorsement companies.

Formula 1, star racer despite his recent form, is earning a lot. Moreover, the F1 Driver has an additional clause that will earn him a good amount.

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